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Internet has constituted a vital part of modern humanity due to a large number of its benefits. To these belong an ability to stay in touch with friends and relatives, share documents and data-files and what is not less important – gain access to the most up-to-date information (news articles, books, research papers and interviews).

Most of the news articles, reviews and tutorials are being created by professional journalists, copywriters and magazine editors. Luckily, there are online projects, which allow ordinary people, who are keen on writing and sharing information, to feel oneself in the editor’s skin, produce top-quality content for a multibillion audience. One of such projects is, a new, attention grabbing community, the owners of which have a pretty tough challenge – to connect experts with readers in need and provide answers to all their questions in the form of informative articles, reviews, how-to guides and company snapshots.


Getting started with

The information community in question serves as an innovative platform for letting users find answers to their question. reaches beyond the scope of a simple Q&A website, it allows not only to answer ask/answer questions but develop the answers into full articles or step by step guides. - legit method to earn money by writing

After introducing a wide spectrum of tools for its members, can easily start competing with other communities (like and, which are filled with knowledgeable editors and journalists, who take advantage of their writing skills and make stable income online for their content.

Benefits and rewards for writing for

At you can get access to one of two member interfaces – you can be a person, who asks questions or an expert, a person, who provides answers and creates content for Knoji readers.
The registration on this community takes about 30 seconds to accomplish and after this you will be crowned as an official member of this community. Upon registration you have a chance to ask one question per day and answer an unlimited number of questions. These actions will earn you points and eventually help you proceed to higher positions in member hierarchy.

If I understood the system right, members do not receive any monetary benefits for answering questions until the level 3 (I am in two minds here because a FAQ area on Knoji is a bit confusing and I have not yet reached level 3 to confirm that answering questions pays money on this community, so I will have to rely on your member experience and wait for your replies in the comment section below).

Once you get hang of this website and find several ideas for creating a thoroughly-researched article, you will have to click a “write an article” button and proceed to the page with a visual editor. Speaking of rules, all submitted articles are to undergo the moderation process (this process will be disabled for your account, when you will have 10 consecutively accepted content pieces – this will eventually move you to the next member level and unlock some interesting writing assignments, such as writing company snapshots, verifying coupons or referring customer testimonials ).

The editors are after accepting only top-quality content, so never give up, if any of your reviews or articles is rejected. The rewards for your published content, based on traffic, search engine rankings and overall score, are accumulated in the member account and can be withdrawn on monthly basis via PayPal (no limits). Additionally, there are performance bonuses, which reach up to $10 for every accepted article.

Further reading for writers and journalists

If due to some odd circumstances you are not able to join or can’t get a desired effect from this website, there are still other good online writing opportunities for you to consider. – a community, which proved to be the most beneficial for me in terms of revenue amount per article (one of my articles has already earned me over ninety dollars and the revenue is still increasing). – yet another strong player in the “get paid to write” industry. Skilled journalists and writers can make a steady income by writing content for

Roundup and final thoughts about

A concept of a revenue-sharing community for writers has been well executed by Squidoo, HubPages and Infobarrel. owners decided to add more functionality and introduce the “Question & Answer” area. This online project is still new and there is not much I can say about it. There are already writers, who claim to be making several hundred dollars per month by writing for Knoji dot com but being a member for this site for two odd days I noticed several slight weaknesses: the first one is the poor FAQ section, which is represented as a section of their discussion forum, the second is the strictness of the editors, first rejected articles lower member’s morale and sometimes prompt them to quit, and finally, there is not ability to include referral, affiliate or external links in the articles (such fact makes personal portfolio promotion or additional affiliate earnings impossible). is a project, which surprised me with a powerful start, let’s wait and see how much of a money-maker it will turn out to be. Please subscribe to this blog to follow my follow-up posts about freelance writing opportunities and an update of earnings from

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