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LeadsGate Review: How to Earn More with the Most Balanced Affiliate Program

Online lending of money is one of the most lucrative niches for internet marketers, especially for advanced ones. And payday loan affiliate programs are the best example of how webmasters can easily monetize their website traffic and boost their revenue.

LeadsGate Payday Loan Affiliate Program is laser-focused on payday loan industry and gives its affiliates the maximum benefits and options for increasing their online business successes. Let’s begin with an explanation how LeadsGate Affiliate Program works.

LeadsGate is a pay-per-lead Affiliate Program and it’s based on the conversion of leads that the affiliates drive to their system.

In order to provide an opportunity to maximize payouts LeadsGate offers auction-based lead selling system. This system works on the same basic principles as the Dutch auction does. This approach guarantees you highest possible payouts.

Okay, and how much can I earn so far?

If you generate high quality traffic, you can earn up to $180 per lead! To be honest, it’s a very good figure for the market in general and for payday industry in particular. Together with 25%acceptance rate and a tree of exclusive lenders it all leads to an ever-growing revenue. There are hundreds of millions of payday loan applications circulating across the Web. If at least a hundred of your leads are bought at that top price… sounds good, yeah?

What are the hallmarks LeadsGate can offer me?

First one is LeadsGate Rebill. This is a golden opportunity for you to stabilize the revenue stream by getting payouts for all consequent applications of their clients. So the idea “Once your client, Always your client” works perfectly for affiliate marketers. The more traffic you generate now, the more income you’ll get in the future.

The biggest part of new Affiliates come from referral, that’s why the company focuses on its flexible referral program and offers some special bonuses for premium partners, bloggers and thematic communities. LeadsGate offers 5% referral program, what can significantly increase your earnings, if you know the right people, of course.

Another pressing issue for webmasters is declined leads problem. So in this case declined leads monetization is exactly what webmasters are waiting for. LeadsGate payday affiliate program pays for declines, thus if your lead has been rejected it doesn’t mean you won’t be paid for it. According to the testing results through this solution you can get about 5-15% extra payments.

In addition to the hallmarks listed above LeadGate Affiliate Network has much to offer: 24/7 support service, proven lead optimization technology, customized payment options, live reporting and robust analytics. Hence, today LeadsGate full-featured Affiliate Program has no viable alternatives in payday loan niche.

How can I work with LeadsGate?

There’re four main options. Those Affiliates who don’t have their own websites can work with «public» offers. They can use an affiliate link to send a visitor to one of LeadsGate’s landing pages.

Affiliates who have their own websites can use JS form. API option is available only by special requests. Once your request approved, LeadsGate tech team will provide API specification. LeadsGate always goes for win-win partnership, so Affiliates help finding exceptionally qualified candidates, and the company encourages its Affiliates with referral bonuses.

Can I take a look at some statistics, please?

Here are some screenshots from the account of an affiliate who generates SEO payday traffic:

Looks good, right?


LeadsGate Affiliate Program is capable to fix all the weaknesses of Affiliate Marketing in Payday Loan niche. LeadsGate Booster is the result of a groundbreaking research on webmasters’ needs and requirements. That’s why LeadsGate Affiliate Program is 100% effective for any webmaster that operates in Payday Loan niche.

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