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Looking recently through my inbox messages I fond out that more and more people are excited about earning money over the Internet.

Free ways to make money online and work from home is not just the title of my blog, it is my specialization for the last several years – I look through all possible techniques of earning cash on the Internet and tell my blog readers what works and which wobsites are trying to scam you.

Recently, I have been writing a lot about paid file sharing websites (you may as well check out my post – get paid to upload websites explained), and I think it is a great time to show you that my earning technique works and show you some earning examples. is a one of a kind Internet earning opportunity, here you can get paid to upload and share your media files. Letitbit will allow you to host your files online for free, but also receive money for every generated file download.

For every 1000 file downloads you will receive 15 american dollars (some geographical restriction apply – check out my full review for the list of countries, this paid to share website, for downloads from which you will get paid).
Well, this is supposed to be a paid to share success post, so I will just tell you that I have been paid by this website several times already and I will supply you with some payment proofs and tips to making more cash with Letitbit or any other get paid to upload website. registration

As I have already told, I have a test website with free Blogger and WordPress themes, where I try my luck in earning money by sharing the templates I have on my computer. After generating some download links and I have found out that search engine traffic converts as good as referral traffic (if we talk about my get paid to upload niche).

According to my experience, the only thing you should think about before earning money at Letitbit is where to find US and RU people, who will download your files with pleasure. At you will be making more money from computers located in there countries.

As for me, I am just testing the whole opportunity of making money over the Internet with paid file sharing websites like Letitbit. That it why I do not promote my theme download site on forums or other external resources, I just say more attention to search engine optimization, which can supply you with possibly higher earning potential.

So here are some screenshots of the money received from Letitbit, in case someone told you that making cash online with file sharing. I am giving you a screenshot of my referral earnings (and here you can see the money I have been paid).

Anyways, is a great make money online opportunity, because you can earn money by uploading your media files (receive more for downloads and get some percentage of the revenue generated by your blog or website to LetitBit). I hope that this screenshot will encourage you can bit and you will use your opportunity to make good money from home.

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