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As we know, the Web is growing at top speed now, new and new websites are being created everyday, so it’s even hard to keep track of them (not all of them are even worth the attention). But anyways, the number of make money online jobs is growing too. I think that the easiest way of earning money on the net is freelance writing, or any other freelance job (in case you have specific knowledge in web design or Internet programming).

Anyways, as I reinvent new ways of earning money, I will tell you more about getting paid for writing letters of the web. There is this website, I want to tell you about (it gives you an awesome opportunity – get paid for writing letters online).

The Web's Premier Letter Writing Site

At and make money writing letters. Writers may respond to letter requests or upload their own letters and earn $10 each time someone buys a letter, press release or speech. This is very useful, because you can get paid over and over for one letter written. But I think that you will have to promote it and find advertisers.

Rewards for writing are :

  • Get 10$ for every letter purchase you get (so if you write 20 letters, and drive 30 sales, you get at least 300$)
  • Get 10$ for every requested letter written (if advertiser orders a letter from you)
  • Get 2$ for every referred member

That is very easy to get approved. All you need is basic writing skills and some ideas! You can try doing it yourself and get paid by Check on monthly basis.
Hopefully, you liked this method of getting fast cash. And I can recommend you some other cool ways of earning money. I really like to get paid for searching (because I got paid by this program, and really see a lot of potential in growing my downline here). You can also check out my database of other websites that pay you for various work online.

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