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Today it’s hard to find an aspect of human living, which has not been influenced by modern technology and the Internet. While the pros and cons of such influence are a topic for a whole different debate, we would like to show some of the benefits and you will be the ones to decide.

First of all, we would like to state that in the digital world students have received a big variety of tools that make education process more efficient. And not only do such technological advancements help provide better education for children and teenagers but also they create extra jobs for their parents. Let us show you how this may work on the example of Literably.

What is

Literably is a educational service for school teachers, which is intended to make the process of teaching kids to read a bit more high-tech, interactive (that means more exciting for kids) and effective, so teachers have more time to teach and less time doing routine checking work. is Hiring International Transcribers with Rates Starting at $10-hr

All the data and audio files collected from students are assessed by transcribers, who check the differences between the source text that students were supposed to read and the audio files. All differences are to be transcribed. is always looking for new transcribers, who are ready to take up such job. You can register and start working for them here:

It should be noted that Literably is all about performance and this employer doesn’t pay attention you your location (so it’s an international opportunity). They just want to get the best performance from you and reward their employees with $10 per hour (transcribers, who got used to the standards set at Literably are said to make higher hourly wages).

The employer requires you to learn the rules of transcribing a recording and writing down the non-words. We strongly advice to pay attention to the video guide and the rules because, based on your 6 first transcription samples (they are 15-30 second long, so it shouldn’t take a lot of your time) the employer will decide whether to hire you and give you access to the paying tasks.

Literably is different from other transcription jobs out there but it should be interesting for international members, who want to work in this field. Here are also some other great job opportunities to check out:,,,,

All in all, such work at home opportunity would be a perfect match for teachers or people, who are just getting into transcription business and would like to learn the ropes by working for an honest employer. If you have any experience with this company, please leave us your feedback below.


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