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Nowadays professionals in various fields are looking for flexibility in their jobs, as our life doesn’t always give us the chance to work on the 9 to 5 basis. This is why many part-time job seekers are getting into the search for the work at home jobs, which can be done from the home office and on the flexible schedule.

Usually jobs, which fall into this category, have something to do with data entry, customer support, cold calling or phone sales. If you have experience in this field and like working on the phone, then you should definitely check out the opportunities offered by

What is

Liveops is an Internet-based service created to match phone support agents with companies, who are looking for services in this field. Liveops serves as a link between independent contractors and employers.

Phone support agents get to pick the niche they are interested in:

– inbound sales;

– insurance sales;

– insurance claims;

– healthare;

– customer service.

Liveops is one of the most reputable and advanced services for job seekers, so if you are interested in working with them, then please follow this guide:

Phone support agents with the help of Liveops have an opportunity to land a job, paying 8-20 dollars per hour and working shifts can be as short as 30 minutes – this gives the contractors incredible flexibility and a chance to pick the amount of time for work.

Please note that this job opportunity may not be available in all areas and countries, so we recommend checking out similar employers, if Liveops doesn’t work out for you:,,,,

We have read many positive reviews of this company but still would like to hear your thoughts about and share your experience in this field, if you have any.


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