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Internet is getting more and more complicated everyday – new websites and projects are being introduced daily, so it is actually hard to keep track of everything, especially in make money online world.
So many people are telling that you can not receive prizes from I have personally written a blog post telling that Lockerz is a complete scam, but I have promised you to give updates about this free prize giveaway program.

Well, I did receive my t-shirt from this website a long time ago, so there is actually no way for me to check whether this site is working and giving away prizes.

But I have signed up almost all my friends and family with this website, and it was weird to me that my brother had got into Lockerz promotion stuff. So he didn’t tell me that he made to the the Lockerz Z-list, which means that you get a free T-shirt from Lockerz.

So several days ago he told me that he had received his Lockerz T-shirt on the January 14th (so I guess that Lockerz is not a scam website at all). Anyways, it starts looking like fun again, and I don’t really know what to do. Nеws – January 2010

Well with renewed interest to, I have logged into my Z-lister panel and visited some pages (a lot of stuff did change since my last visit), and redemption area is still under construction (which looks kind of promising to me). I guess, I will just let this website some time and will update you with any news I can possibly get. Here is the screenshot of the redemption page:

All images are clickable and you can take a look at the T-shirt my brother have just got. It looks pretty nice, considering the fact, that you need just 20 referrals to get such a free gift. I am still offering invites – check out this link for more info.

Also you can learn more about other ways of earning money on the Internet – is still paying pretty good cash for sharing files, if you want to get paid to upload – find out more about

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