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In my blog, which is mostly dedicated to earning money on the Internet (here I mean all possible ways of generating revenue on the web), I write about various websites, which give us the ability to make money on the Internet or receive prizes for daily activity.

From time to time I take a brake from reviewing serious work from home opportunities and write about fun stuff. Today is one of such days and I want to tell you about (it seems to be a great paid social network, that’s why I want to update everyone about it). Even though there have been several negative reviews of this website and I am getting a bit skeptical about this too (I found just another great paid social network, which is a great alternative, it is called and I recommend you to check it out, while it’s hot, thousands of people have already received their prizes just for being active), but the fact remains – I have received a prize from and it is a great motivation for me to go and and write about this.


What is – is it a scam?

While others are looking for great Lockerz alternatives, I will just write about this website. Well, has a got a pretty brilliant idea – to reward people for being active on their website and for answering daily questions or watching videos. By going all these you can receive special points (PTZ). These points could be used to get discounts for buying stuff in Lockerz shop or for getting prizes on their website. Well, just wanted to tell about the redemption, now they have their shop open just for US members (most of the time people, who buy stuff from the shop get to participate in the bonus shop redemption on and as far as I know there will be on this month too). So basically, as far as I have read and understood, in August 2010 Lockerz is expecting to make a special bonus redeem wave just for people, who use their shop (it is pretty unfair, as for me).

Lockerz news, updates and August, 2010  redemption

Here is my thoughts and ideas based on the previous redemption. Well, last month, July 2010 I was lucky to catch 2 redemption on I was pretty excited about it, because I have a lot of points to use, but when I logged in I found out that the first lockerz redemption was only for “ shop” users, I was kind of disappointed but I didn’t loose my spirits and checked out the redemption page again in several hours and days.

My Lockerz Prize - Free Z-lister T-shirt

I was lucky enough to catch the redemption for international members on (I logged in 34 minutes after it has begun) and I was shocked, when I found out that all prizes were gone, yes in 34 minutes. So I will be checking to redeem stuff in August more often.

But right now I don’t really know how much time it will take to get my prizes. I wish I’d spend my time on trying out some cool earning techniques. I have always wanted to make more money uploading files (as far as I have been paid by and I am currently awaiting my new payment from, in case you don’t know, these are pretty awesome get paid to upload websites).

Lockerz prize list – new items in August

Also, they are opening their shop for 11 more countries, which means that people will be able to get stuff just by spending their points in the Lockerz shop and also get more chances to get prizes from lockerz. Speaking of the prize list, right now they are updating the list of prizes at (just checked it, so I can’t actually see what has been added). So in August the prize list at lockerz dot com has been updated, which means more chances to getting free stuff.

Well, is growing even more (if you want to free invite from me, please check out this post – receive free invites to I will be checking for the August redemption at Lockerz myself and will post, when it comes, but for now I will be paying more attention to new cool projects, here I mean (I have a lot of luck running this website and hope to get my first prize very soon, so try this out too, the link could be found at the beginning on the post).

And now, thanks for reading. If you have any questions about – feel free to ask me in the comment section or subscribe to my free email updates (this will give you the access to my free weekly updates @

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