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Lockerz Prize List Updates, New Freebies and Redemption Predictions for July, 2010

Making money online is not just the topic of this blog it is also something that I have been doing for a long time now and I am willing to share my Internet earning experience with all my website visitors. I know how hard it is to stay focused on the topic and keep yourself away from these distractions – right now there is so much fun stuff to do on the net – all these social projects, attractive web2.0 services and forum communities, you can’t just get enough of them.

But I have a pretty cool offer for you, there is a service, which connects all of these and shares its revenue by giving you prizes for daily activities. This paid social network is called and I have been writing about this website for several times already (and today I have an update post – news and prize list updates for July, 2010).

The service I am willing to update you about gives your special points for daily activity – watching videos, answering daily questions and inviting friends to join Lockerz network. Such activities will give you a lot of points, which could be later on redeemed for special prizes (for instance, I have gotten a free T-shirt from Lockerz, just for inviting 20 friends of mine and now I am waiting for my second prize to come – free Dell laptop).

If you have been making money from home for a long time (just like me), you would understand when I will tell – “Sometimes to just want to do something for fun”. But why not earn money while having fun? Do you like to listen to music? So why not earn by listening music at This review has been published for several weeks already and I think it a pity to know that you have missed it.

Free prize from – My T-shirt

So what has changed at over these several weeks – well, I have been checking their website for new features, but as far as I can see, they only have several promotions for the most active members (right now you can get more freebies – special T-shirts for daily activity). Speaking of the prize list in July, has added some cool prizes and also has lowered the amount of points (PTZ) you need to get cool stuff.

Right now, to get an Ipad for free you need just 1000 PTZ, flip cameras are down to just 200 Lockerz points and you have even more options to earn points – log in every day, invite friends, be active every day and receive PTZ for watching cool videos and short cartoons.

Getting stuff for free online has never been easier, right now I don’t see anything about redemptions at Lockerz in July, 2010, but as soon as I will have some information, I will post to right away, so if you would like to receive free make money online tips and updates about (prize list updates, redemption alerts and just cool news from them), don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, it is free and you can unsubscribe any time (but not that many people have done so, you can find some pretty cool ideas in this make money online blog).

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out my prizes from Lockerz, I know that it is not that much, but anyways I am expecting to get more and more prizes of this sort for free.


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