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Over the years Internet has turned into one of the leading sources of information. Nowadays we use online encyclopedias, receive expert advice from people leaving in far-away regions and even read virtual newspapers, notwithstanding the fact that thousands of newspapers are being published in their paper variant.

World wide web changed the way we treat information, it has helped information and news spread more rapidly. Internet users thirsty for information and interesting data visit various websites every day and such information demand causes an increase in virtual job leads for writers and editors, i.e. people, who actually create new content and pass it to a multi-million audience.


This Internet writing job lead is open for applicants worldwide. If you are a professional writer seeking for a work at home jobs, then you can apply regardless of your geographical position.

Jobs for writers

Good command of English language, unique writing style and top-class research skills are three things, which may enable anyone to take up online writing work and get paid for writing articles. is a web-based journal, where hundreds of various articles, investigations and reviews are published by professional writers (the word professional should be stressed on here). If you would like to work online with this company, then you should meet a set of requirements, fill out an application form and provide samples of your previous writing work. - make money by writing

The requirements for writers are:

– Expertise with one of the supported topics;

–  At least one year of professional writing experience and a minimum of 6 months of Internet writing experience (CMS knowledge is a plus);

– Unlimited access to a computer, high-speed Internet connection and an instant messenger service.

In your application for you will have to list which topics you specialize writing on and provide some of your writing samples. Their “write for us” section does not state anything about geographical location of writers, so it must be a job opportunity for writers worldwide, which is definitely good news.

On basis of our research, writers get an average of 15 writing assignments per month with a pay of $20 for every accepted article (volume requirements: 650-800 words each). Prompt payments for the work accomplished at are carried out with the help of PayPal.

More about the requirements and application process can be found on this page: Write for LovetoKnow.

Jobs for editors

Apart from providing online writing work, managers are also hiring editors to moderate submitted articles and complete a set of their assignments. The requirements for getting an editor position are:

– Profound knowledge of the chosen topics;

– Professional editing and writing experience;

– Experience with web-based content management platforms and online editing;

– Prominent interpersonal skills

Applicants for an editor job get to fill out the same application but provide different information in selected fields. credibility

According to the traffic popularity of LovetoKnow we can say that this project is being visited by thousands of users per month. Consequently your content is sure to generate revenue and provide you with other writing assignments. Judging by what we have heard from users working for as editors and writers in this company, we can say that they are 100% legit and workers are nothing but satisfied with the number of available assignments and prompt payments for their writing/editing work.

Further reading

Complete list of Internet writing assignments has been worked on for a very long stretch of time and finally we are glad to announce that we managed to create a rating of sites for finding freelance writing jobs. is still one of our favorite website for publishing content to. It has one indisputable advantage – you don’t need to be a professional writer to publish your content and earn money with it.

Roundup and final thoughts

If you are looking for online writing assignments or would like to work online as an editor, then can be a superb option for you. The application process won’t take a lot of your time but if accepted to write for LovetoKnow, you will be treated to a variety of interesting writing assignments and enjoy making money with your web-based job.

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