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[Expired] Make Money Answering Surveys and Trying Products – Review

After running this blog for such a long period of time, I know that making money on the Internet is for real and there is a lot of ways to start working from home in no time. Personally I am into Internet business for a pretty long time now (over four years now), but as millions of other newbies I began earning money by doing on-line surveys (and still think that it is one of the best earning techniques out there).

Making money by filling out surveys online is not very hard and it is intended to help newbie earners to start earning money from home and go on increasing online earning. As far as I have a lot of experience making money with Internet surveys and websites, which give money for trying products and using sponsored services, I have written several guides, where I describe all the peculiarities of this process.


After being so long in this business I got the feeling of earning money doing surveys and now I can clearly see which company will give me and other people more chances of making money. Today I want to write about one of my favorites, it is called and here you can make money by taking surveys, filling in offers, trying sponsored products, participating in contests, playing games and referring your friends (and it is only the beginning of the list, with people get money for doing all possible things). And one of the best things about this service is that they accept people from all over the world – there are no country restrictions at (it is a purely international GPT website)

Do paid surveys really Work at

As I have already written, with we can complete surveys and try products for money (for those, who are curious these guys offers paid surveys and offers for teenagers too, so almost anyone can earn money with My Hot Revenue). According to their terms of service users of “at least 18 years old, or at least 13 years old with parental consent” are eligible to register and start making money.

Register and make money with

Such an offer was pretty interesting for me and I went on to the website to find out how much I will be able to get paid for answering surveys and completing sponsored tasks on I didn’t use this website for a very long period of time, but the best thing is that I have already received my first payment (25$ in my PayPal account). Now when I know that anyone can make money online with surveys and offers at I will tell you more about this service.

My Hot Revenue is totally free to join and the process of registration takes just several minutes to accomplish. Right after verifying your account you will be able to access the list of offers and surveys (including daily surveys). For completing and filling in these you will be earning special points (these credits could be used for redeeming stuff in their store and for requesting PayPal payments, every point is equal to $1). I have almost forgot to recommend you to read the FAQ area the terms of service of gpt website. I have had a lot of good experience with this one, they have a nicely developed website, so you will be able to find answers to all your possible questions about earning money with this survey website.

Also I wanted to show you how powerful this website is and how much money you can make by trying products and filling surveys at MyHotRevenue. I didn’t spend a lot of time filling in offers on My Hot Revenue, but I did get paid pretty fast (but I didn’t even have time to refer some people and they offer a pretty nice referral program too).

How much money can you make with MyHotRevenue?

As you can see, every users has the ability to earn up to 600 points for doing surveys and trying sponsored products. Getting paid to take surveys is pretty simple and you don’t need to spend a lot of time doing these surveys and offers.

But at some time you will be able to do some shopping in their prize store (by using your points) and start receiving your money or prizes. Here is a quick screen-shot of available prizes at

Prize list at My Hot Revenue

As you can see, with this website you can receive a lot of stuff for free as well as get paid by PayPal (as I did). Apart from getting paid for taking surveys you can get money for referring people to Every member, who uses your personalized link to sign up with this international gpt website will add $0.99 to your account (this is a pretty nice stimulation I must say). – proof of payment

MyHotRevenue - my payment proof (25$)

Anyways, I have been paid by this gpt website and have a lot of good things to tell about it. They offer superior support by email and on their forum (but answers almost to any question could be found on their website). Also gives you $2 just for singing up, so it is even easier to reach the minimum payout limit.

I do hope that you liked my review of and I wish yo the best of luck in earning money with online surveys. I will be writing more about making money with this gpt website. In addition there will be more post on earning money from home, so feel free to subscribe to, it is totally free.


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