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Make Money by Uploading Files to and Sharing Links

I am trying to find most interesting and popular ways of earning money from home, which are being released on the Internet. Tracking all these make money online opportunities is not that easy without actual users, who are trying to earn with all these Internet projects, that is why I am asking you to subscribe to my email RSS feed updates and leave your comments regarding personal experience with selected Internet business opportunities.

I am really glad to user comments to my post about earning money with, because users helped me discover this awesome get paid to opportunity. Now I am making a good deal of money by sharing files online, especially with and – I highly recommend using these get paid to upload websites, but the whole point of earning money with your files is just getting more complex, that is why I’d like to tell you about another website, which will give you money for hosting your files at and spreading your download links.

So here at you can use their free file hosting service to upload the media you would like to share. They have a bonus program you can easily use – every bonus program member with earn up to 30 euros for every 1000 file downloads, but there are some restrictions (the full information is coming up). Apart from that, you will make 1 € per every premium file download (this means that you will be paid, if the downloader of your file upgrades to premium membership).

Register at to earn with files

As for the referral program, such option is available at and you can easily invite your friends to work with this free file hosting and receive 20% of the money your referrals make. It is an awesome way to build a network of friends, who are working in the same niche, this way you can share your earning tactics and earn even more cash by sharing your download links.

How much can you Make with

Rank 5-50 Mb 50-100 Mb 100-450 Mb
Low 1.5 € 2 € 3 €
Lite 3 € 4 € 6 €
Normal 4 € 7 € 10 €
Pro 7 € 12 € 14 €
VIP 14 € 18 € 30 €

Here is a small table, which explains how your earnings depend on the size of the uploaded files and your member status. All rates are supplied for 1000 downloads, so this means you can earn 1.5 € – 30 € for every thousand file downloads. Such deal sounds pretty good, but lets talk more about member statuses and file sizes (I have been explaining why paid to upload websites are applying rates in my post “Making Money Online With Get Paid To Upload Websites Explained“, so it would be really nice, if you can read and see what earning money with file uploading is all about).

There are two criteria for setting your user rank (which is crucial). Your rank most of the time depends on conversion ratio:

1. The percentage of people, who bought premium membership in order to download your files
2. The number of completed downloads to the total number of media file downloads

Your beginning rank will be set at “low”, but I think it would not be that hard to get higher rank, for example “Pro” or “Vip”. I am pretty sure about it, because accepts downloads from all countries, and by saying this I mean that you have way larger audience to work with.

To conclude, any one could set up an account, upload a couple of files and share the download links on several Internet forums or web communities. Such amount of work will give you about several thousand downloads, which could easily give you 20 euro (which is the minimum amount of money to cash out). Payments are said to be made to PayPal, WebMoney, or MoneyBookers in 72 hours.

I really like this website personally and will try to make some money off it. I am having good luck in making money with, which is another great and one of a kind get paid to upload website (I have received several cashouts and I am looking forward to getting another one pretty soon). So try your best in earning cash from home and don’t forget to subscribe to


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