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Make Money on the Internet by Selling Backlinks with

I have been always supporting new ways of earning money online (and I was one of the first to review, which is just an awesome website for those, who would like to earn money by completing offers and surveys online, some people think that all these survey websites is a huge scam, but you can read my Cooler Cash success post and see how I earn money with CoolerCash, with no investment at all).

Earning cash from home could be pretty simple, if you know where you are heading and how much money you would like to make. I know a lot of webmasters and bloggers, who treat Internet business like hobby and just make good part-time revenue. But even such amounts of money are helpful these days and today I would like to give bloggers and webmasters another idea for getting paid online.

A long time I have written about, which is a service, which allows you to sell text links from your blog (and receive money on monthly basis for these placed ads, for those, who have missed review and a story about making money by selling blog links I still have this post up for free public access).

Today I have another website to review and it is called Teliad is a large advertising marketplace, which deals with sponsored link sales. So if you have a website or a blog, which has been already established and carries some value to search engines, you can place these ads on your pages and receive money every month. Unlike with contextual advetising, you don’t need to have a lot of traffic (and people to view your ads) in order to make money. If you have managed to do some successful link-building work with your site, then earning money with will be pretty nice for you.

Teliad - earn money by selling links

I have talked to several people, who are actually working with this website and make good money (this is an automated income system you can establish too) – they are selling links, don’t pay much attention to get a lot of traffic, blog just for fun and for their readers and receive benefits for placing ads on their pages.

After spending some time on Teliad website, I have found them pretty attractive in terms of possible income opportunity (especially for those, who are desperate for good online income, but don’t seem to be earning cash with blogs) – you just need to add your website, get approximate earnings data (the link price calculator will give you the idea of how much a backlink from your blog or site is worth). As far as I have understood, you just need to make minor alterations to your website in order to start working and generating online income with Teliad.

Visit their website and see what are the possible variants of text link ads and may be you will become more interested in this online earning model. Selling text ads could be extremely profitable and I will consider trying out this technique with several sites of mine (people to whom I talked where pretty good at explaining why it is so easy to make cash by selling links).

Well, I hope that this review will get you started with your blogging earning and pretty soon you will be generating tons of cash with our blog backlinks. I have seen various services, which allow bloggers to benefit from text link sales (for example, at you can receive money for blogroll links). Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe and receive top-class news from the make-money-online world.

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