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Make Money Answering Questions and Supplying Expert Advice – Review

Most of the time I get to talk with people, who would like to start making money on the Internet. Most of the time they ask me about very old, but trusted ways of making money from home (for example about free paid surveys), they want to learn about the ways of earning money from home and getting paid online, but usually they don’t pay attention to something they already have – the knowledge.

To tell the truth, we are all experts in some filed of study, we all have hobbies or something that attracts us, not even mentioning the writing skills (which we all possess). What I am trying to prove is that anyone can earn money from home for free, without even learning something. First of all, you can make money online as a freelancer.

Freelance jobs on line is one of the most popular ways of making money on the Internet, on freelance job boards you can find tasks and get paid to write, post on public forums for money, do some research or programming tasks (if you have the skills) and even get paid for data entry work (yes, you can make money from home by doing data entry tasks, Mturk is one of the best sites for this jobs, so you can surely check it out and learn more).

Make money answering user questions at

Answer questions online for money at

Well, you can surely make money with your current knowledge with the website called With the help of Bitwine, registered “experts” can earn money by answering questions, doing some research on the Internet or just talking to people about stuff they like. In order to start making money with this site, you need to complete a short registration application (in order to become BitWine Adviser), download the task-bar and set up the payout method. To tell the truth, I have been already writing about sites, which pay money for answering questions online, so if you are interested in such concept, you can check out my previous works too.

The best thing about this site is that you can list the stuff you can do for money and set your hourly rates. Users of this website can pick the adviser and pay him/her through paypal.

But also if you have a website or a blog, you can become an affiliate at and get money for providing Bitwine services through your website. Such an offer sounds pretty nice, provided you can earn up to 50% of the money generated by Bitwine though your site or blog.

Thanks for reading my blog entry, I do hope that you liked my post and will have a lot of luck in earning money with Knowledge is power, so you can make good money with it. Stay up to date with my latest work from home and make money online related posts by subscribing to (more posts about earning money with freelance jobs will be coming up, and these are always exciting).

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