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Make Money Online by Selling Your Blogroll Entries at

Recently I have been telling you more about making money online in various ways, especially those, which are somehow related to content writing or blog posting. I am constantly looking for new and profitable ways of earning easy money from home (whether you have your free website or not).

I know that creating your own website could take you several hours, that is why many starting Internet money makers already have websites and are trying to get some benefit from running a blog or having own website. This week the new post about earning with PayU2Blog has been introduced and as I have written there, it was intended to some sophisticated bloggers and web money-makers.

Today, I would like to give you another blog monetization idea – a brand new website, which gives you a chance of making money with your website blogroll. I makes perfect sense that bloggers usually exchange blogroll links to get higher Page Rank, but it would be even more profitable to sell those at

As far as I have read on other websites, is a service launched back in 2007 by owner of Review Me (which gives it solid reputation and the fact that they are in business for 3 years now makes the offer even more attractive).

The whole point of this website is to help you earning money with your website. I have been writing about other sites, which pay your for placing sponsored, for example Accordingly, pays you to place advertisers’ links on your blog posts (or even review sponsored links).

They say that selling banner ads and text links could be a little bit fishy and if you get too excited about making cash in such methods, Google might eventually penalize your website (which would be deadly for you). I do like the concept and I think I would register on this website in several days to see how it works.

The website information doesn’t reveal the actual price per blogroll link (but as far as I understand, everything depends on you readership and Google PR), but people say that the minimum price if 5$ a month per link, which sounds not that bad at all.

Anyways, I do hope to hear some news from home about this website and look forward to trying this make money online service myself. As for other ways of making money with blogs, I think that ReviewMe is a great example, and you should consider making money with ReviewMe. I have been already paid by this site (35$ for one review on my technology blog), so you could check out my ReviewMe feedback post or subscribe to my news feed by using the form above (all new posts will be emailed to you).

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