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Make Money Online By Uploading Files At

Update as for February 2010 – Earning money online with is even easier right now. Every Internet user can earn money online by sharing free media files at I have written a new review on this paid to share website and do recommend you to read this one. The main thing that has changed with Uploading is that you will be paid for every member, who downloads your file, sound like fun, more information in the new review of

Recently I have noticed that more people are using “get paid to download” or “earn money sharing files” Google search terms. I have had some posts about this topic so far, but websites stated there are not that useful. That’s why I want to tell you more about making money online from your files.

There is a website called, which is basically is free file hosting with a tweak. They will pay you for every file download (you upload your files to their servers and get special link, when someone downloads your goodies using that link, you earn money). They have a lot of advertisements on their download page, so pretty much, they can afford to pay you up to 10$ for every 1000 downloads. It doesn’t sound that much, but you can easily earn 25$ with this website, if you really get into this. logo

Before I get in detail of earning, you want to tell you some things about

1. You will be paid certain amount of money for certain country downloads ($5 for 1000 downloads from Netherlands and Greece ; $10 for 1000 downloads from US and CA, $10 for 1000 downloads from UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, AT ; $5 for 1000 downloads from RU, NL and GR ; $2 for 1000 downloads from PL and UA)

2. Earning credit will be received only for files larger then 1MB

3. Money will be sent via PayPal, MoneyBookers, WebMoney

4. Not all files are allowed for download (porn, nudity, racism related files will cause account termination)

Earning with is really easy, because you can share any files you need or want. For instance, you have a bunch of photos you want to share with your friends. Upload them to (in small bundles for more money) and sent them to your Facebook or Myspace friends.

Also, you can upload various goodies and share them on social boards and forums. I don’t recommend you to spam people, no – many Internet users are looking for something you already have, so why not share.

Anyways, you can make money online uploading your files to The main mission is to find targeted downloaders, who will need your help. For instance you can share: website vectors, graphics, photoshop tools, patches for games and other software, anything you can think of. If you own a website, you can add a download area or your favorite music or videos with links to Uploading. Just be creative and you’d start earning right away.

Earning money online with filesharing is a lot of fun, because you can get paid for something to already do. We share files with our friends on daily basis, but do one really knows that we can get paid for uploading files on the Internet. There are some other great websites, which pay you to share media files over the Internet (it’s just a brilliant online income opportunity).

Making money with – is the unique opportunity I have been telling you about just now. Here you can get paid for sharing media files online, and they payout is almost the same as for

And there is another paid to share website I have been working with. At you can get paid to download files with the download rate of 15$ for 1000 downloads. Sounds like fun to you? Then find out more about making money online with filesharing websites, like


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