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Make Money by Writing Recipes and Cooking Tips at

Ways of making money online are very diverse. So far I have written about such: uploading files for money, making cash by writing, creating websites for profit, flipping domains and many more. As for me, writing content for money is the easiest way to make cash online, because you don’t need any money to get started and you can easily complete this work from home.

Today I would like to show one website for people, who are interested in content writing jobs and would like to earn money from home by creating content (articles and reviews).

How to earn writing articles at

FoodLoversWeb is a website, where users share recipes and cooking tips and have the ability to check out the articles, which have been shared by other members. seems to be using a social bookmarking platform, so users can share links to sites with recipes and cooking videos or tips, as well as write articles about cooking. - earn money online by writing recipes

So in order to start making money with you will have to share stories and cooking-based links. This cooking portal is a Google Adsense revenue sharing network, where writers receive revenue cut depending on the number of visitors your articles will attract.

As I have understood everything right, the ads will be placed on all pages and writers receive 100% of the revenue generated by their publications (please correct me if I am wrong and I would really appreciate if you could share some of your experience with

According to their website, they have some sort of writer encouragement system, which will give you more money with every submission of yours. I think that FoodLoversWeb could become a great website for people, who like cooking, to earn money from home by writing articles (Squidoo is a similar website, where you can share your recipes for money too).

Please visit this website to see, which stories other members are submitting; maybe this will help you generate more visits from people, who already visited this site. Additionally I recommend to find some information about search engine and article optimization (these tips will help you generate more visits from search engines and probably it will improve your earnings).

Making money by writing articles is a great thing for any freelance worker and is a superb website, where you can earn cash by using this freelance technique. Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this work from home technique and would like to get more work from home news by subscribing to my blog.

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