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Make Money by Writing Stories and Articles – Review

I enjoy finding new ways to make money online for free and testing them gives me an incredible feeling of satisfaction. Previously I have featured some of my achievements in making money with paid to upload.

Today I would like to feature a slightly different way of making money online – writing content for money. As for me, this is a pretty quick and interesting technique for those, who want to start earning money from home.

Writing articles for money is simple, because usually you get to write about things which interest you or base your articles on your knowledge or personal experience. If you would like to find out about a website, which gives money for writing, then continue reading my post about

How to earn money writing for is a free community for people, who like reading and writing collaborative fiction. It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur writer or a writer with a degree, you can join StoryMash and start making money with it.

Earning cash for free at StoryMash is very simple. It makes perfect sense that you can’t get rich overnight writing articles on the Internet, but best performing publishers are said to be making good money. Unlike other paid to write sites, which are based on Google Adsense revenue sharing users receive both a revenue share and additional money for article views and good positioning. - get paid to write and review sites

Authors at are making at least 50% of the money generated by their content submissions. Before you can get an opportunity of writing articles for money, at first you need to publish a test chapter, which will verify your writing skills.

Also, you don’t need to have a Google Adsense account to start making money with, this website has a special revenue calculating feature, which is created to help you earn more money by writing content. Money are paid in two ways – by check or via PayPal.

Currently checks are being mailed only to US shipping addresses, while international writers have a great opportunity to receive money to their PayPal accounts. As for me, looks like a solid company for people, who like writing and would like to earn extra money by doing something they are passionate about.

Thanks for reading my blog post, hopefully this article is helpful to you and I do hope to see you subscribed to my site. I will be adding more posts about earning money with article writing and won’t forget adding other cool ways of making money for free.

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