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Make Money Online Uploading Files – Earn Money With

Many of us share media files online, but nowadays you can make money online from almost everything. File sharing websites make a lot of cash from various ads, so why don’t they share? Now they do, and I know it for sure.

Recently I’ve been asked about file sharing websites that pay you for downloaded files. I’ve had some posts already (How To Earn Money Uploading Your Media Files and Make Money Online By Uploading Files At about making money online sharing media files. But I feel like the information I’ve given you is not enough.

This time I want to tell you about another get paid to upload website which is called As all other services, Deposit Files is a free file hosting, which will pay you every time, someone downloads your files. In order to earn, you just have to upload interesting files (the ones people are craving for). I don’t recommend you to share warez and other stuff here, but cool videos and some good music for your friends would do just fine.

It’s a pretty cool solution, if you have a blog or small personal website, where you can share some materials. Basically you can send any files you want to your friends:  your photos, videos or flash games, anything goes, as soon as it is a .zip file.

Here is some more information about making money online with Deposit Files:

1. Everybody from any country of the world can participate in our bonus earning program.
2. Flexible rates depend on the size of files you upload!

They have implemented new rules, and now they pay you more for larger files.

Money Earned for 1000 unique downloads:
File Size        Rate
1Mb .. 4Mb     –     $2
5Mb .. 9Mb     –     $3
10Mb .. 49Mb     –     $5
50Mb .. 99Mb    –     $6
100Mb .. 249Mb    –     $8
250Mb .. 2000Mb    –     $10

For example: if you have 5 files each of 1 MB, 10 of 50 MB, 15 of 100 MB and 15 of 250 MB,
your average price will be $7.5 for 1000 downloads!

Currently, Deposit Files pay for downloads from USA and Russia. A lot of people ask me how to find people, who would download files you share. Telling the truth, there are a lot of ways to promote your files. You can:

  1. Post on forums sharing your files. It can be some tools, tutorials ect.
  2. You can post on your blog or feature it on some topsite
  3. Can create a gallery of your files and upload them to DepositFiles

Making money online from your files is really easy, it’s the same thing you are doing every day. No matter how many files and filedownloads you have, you can start earning today. It’s pretty simple, especially if your files are large.


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