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Make Money with a Newsfeed Widget – Review

Earning money online with a blog could be hard, especially if you are struggling to find great advertisers for your blog. I know that Google Adsense is a classic blog monetization method but usually webmasters are willing to gain maximum revenue with their websites and are looking for adsense alternatives or ad networks, which will give an additional revenue stream.

Recently I reviewed several interesting ad networks but today I want to write about an interesting way to earn easy money for any blogger. This earning way only requires you to place a simple widget.

Ways to earn at home with is a big news agency, which allows webmasters to embed news feeds from Voxant Newsroom to your blog and receive money for every viewed news item. So the process of making money with TheNewsRoom is very simple – you register at their website and start designing your widget. They allow adjusting the size and look of your widget, so you can blend it into your website easily. - free way to earn money online with a blog

The complex system of Voxant Newsroom counts how many times the content has been viewed and adds money to your account. Voxant widget can be redistributed and it will only improve your earning possibilities (if other webmasters will like Voxant NewsRoom widget on your website, they will be able to grab it and post to their websites). pays money on CPM basis, this means that you receive a flat rate for every 1000 views of content from Voxant widget. You cannot put more than three TheNewsRoom widgets per page. You will be getting from $0.5 to $3.5 for every 1000 video views.

Before your start earning money with, I recommend to read all their terms of service and understand how their system works. I did read a lot of great reviews of this website and have used it on my sites before. Right now there is no minimum cashout limit (so I can go back and withdraw my money) and the only supported payment system is PayPal. Also I would like to tell you that there are other interesting ways of earning money with context advertising – in-image blog adverting is getting more and more popular every day.

Voxant TheNewsRoom is a cool way to generate additional income, if you have a news blog. Your visitors will be glad to check out the latest news from the world and make you some money. I will surely try this site again and will write another article about this service. If you liked my review, please subscribe to my site and I will send you my articles on how to earn money from home.

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