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Make Money Online with a Toolbar Creator by

World wide web is the largest source of information in the world but most of this data is being posted by people and like any other thing – Internet is full of stereotypes.

Ways of making money online happened to be my favorite hobby and point of interest, so I read a lot of stereotypes and myth about virtual world and business on the web. Once I have read that webmasters and blog owners can make money online only by using Google Ads. It seems so funny to me because in this blog I reviewed almost a dozen of Google Adsense alternatives and other exciting ways to make money online with a blog or personal website.

In this blog post I would like to write about one creative way to earn money from home – creating branded toolbars for your site. has launched a toolbar creator, so let’s talk about it.

How to earn money with Toolbars?

If you use freeware often, you should have noticed that every website or news portal is looking forward to promoting their toolbars. But now you don’t need to have any coding skills in order to create your own toolbar and make money with it.

Make money online with a blog and

First of all, I want to say that I am not affiliated with or trying to encourage joining this website. Here I would like to state my personal opinion about Bidvertiser and their new offer.

I used to work with but when I got into trouble because of using their ads on my sites I quit using this advertising service (I am sure I didn’t miss much because I found a good deal of ways to earn money with a blog). However, a lot of time has passed since then and I do hope that they have changed a lot.

I am still a member of this site and recently I received an email about their new advertising opportunity – making money online with toolbars. Here are the main things, which I like about their new service:

– Ability to create and customize toolbars for free. Now you don’t need to do any complex programming.
– Custom search engine availability – tune out a toolbar for your users with no hassle.
– Free publisher registration. is still a popular Internet advertising firm and I would like to know how much one can make with their toolbars. My friends promised to test this offer for me but if you have tried earning money with Bidvertiser toolbars, please leave me your comments or questions below.

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