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Make money online with Google Knol

Recently Google announced its new web authoring tool, Google Knol. In this short article I will try to answer these questions:

1)What is Google Knol?

2)How does this new Google tool work?

3)How do I actually make money with Google Knol?

Ok, let’s start making it clear for everyone, so I will start with the first question.

Q: What is Google Knol?

A: Google Knol – is a new web authoring tool by Google. This tool is totally free and everyone across the globe is free to use it. Knol is just like other content sharing networks you might have used before – Squidoo, HubPages and AssociatedContent. If you haven’tused these then Knol is the place where you can write about anything you know a lot about. Basically it works like a next generation of Wiki, where can create your own Knol about anything you like, for instance Italian Food.

Q: How does this new Google tool work?

To use Google Knol, you’ve got to create a free account and pick the topic you like, in our case it’s Italian Food. I do like Italian Food and know how to cool some dishes, that’s why I will write a Knol about Pasta Fresca, or any other dish I like. So I will write my recipe there and will share it with millions of Google Knol readers.

Q: How do I actually make money with Google Knol?

Now, when you have created your own Knol just like me (mine is Italian Food), you can monetize your effort with Google Knol, by placing relevant Google AdSense ads on your Knol (Google allows that 🙂 )

Google Knol users will hit your Knol thousands of times over and over, there is some easy money, you know ;). But be careful with the duplicate content, because Google Knol has it’s own content sharing terms, you’d better read through them before you start creating your own Google Knol.

Go ahead and start your own Knol and make money online!

Good luck!


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