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[Expired] Make Money Online with Social Bookmarking – Review

Recently I have been writing a lot about earning money by writing articles online. If you remember some of my previous posts, there I have stated that you can receive money for your writing in two ways – if you write for yourself (anyone can create own projects, create content websites or earn money with blogs by writing quality content) or write for someone by looking for work at various websites, which give you the topic to write about and pay you money for every submission. Just to give you the idea of how to make money with the latter technique, check out more about Making money by publishing content with this paid social network is pretty simple, because you get paid for something you already do from home.

But if we speak of the earning method, when you want to write your own blog entries, promote them and earn money from website advertising, I must say that the promotion and free advertising part is pretty tough. But let me give you a pretty nice website link, this service will allow you both promote your blog posts and will allow you to get a revenue share. is a free social bookmarking website, which has a Google Adsense revenue sharing offer. Many people claim that social bookmarking websites have pretty nice traffic generation value, so it is a win-win situation for you.

At you can add your news and short post summaries for free. All the news, which were added by you are open for public access (users can comment and vote for your submissions), which is pretty nice in terms of getting more visitors to your website. Speaking of the offer to make money, here at Carnival Of Making Money Online earn special credits and make up to 75% of the money generated from their content (earnings come from placing “Google Ads” on such pages).

I have already told you that you can get up to 75% revenue share, but all users start with 50/50 split and later on have the ability to get higher percentages (extra 15% for high website activity and 10% for referring new people to the website).

Get paid for bookmarking at

The system works pretty simple – you just have to sign up for free with and start posting your news and post summaries (but at first don’t forget to fill in your Google Adsense publisher ID field in your account settings page). Every submission, comment and vote will give you points and every point is equal to an ad view. Oh, there has already been a post on how to earn money by bookmarking. Right now, I am talking about, which seems to be a pretty rapidly growing service and on several forums I have seen some success threads (getting paid for leaving bookmarks really works).

I hope that earning money with social bookmarking websites is clearer to you now. As for me, this concept is pretty handy, as far as you can both promote your website and earn some money from home. I have already been writing about some other sites, which pay you for the same type of work. For instance, pays you to do social submitting and I already have some luck in making money with

Well, thanks for reading, I do hope that you will be able to have both – a lot of traffic and money for placing ads, when you will start working with If you want to hear more about my work from home experience and some follow up comments regarding making money with social bookmarks, subscribe to (and receive all the posts to your email for free).

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