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As I am looking for new ways of earning money from home, from time to time I find totally revolutionary ways of earning easy money. “Get paid to upload” niche is a big find for me, because I managed to set up an automatic income system with free file sharing websites.

Well, I think that there is nothing easier then earning money with, but I seem to be finding more and more interesting methods of getting paid for something we already do. For example, many of us have Twitter and Facebook accounts, and as far as I can see, monetization of these websites is pretty popular nowadays. – very easy and functional microblogging platform, but if you have at least several followers of this website and you are an active twitter, this review is just for you. Several posts back I have given you the links to other sites, which give you a chance to sell Twitter ad space – ( review), (more information about earning with SponsoredTweets), (my thoughts about

Magpie - Make Money with

And now I have stumbled upon this another website, which accepts new twitters for placing their sponsored ads on your pages. I see that this website is a pretty good reputation and many functions for both advertisers and Twitterers. Telling your about all the advantages of this website will take me a long while, so I will just give you a quick overview of the website. gives you a chance of registering as a advertiser or twitterer. As for me, earning money with Twitter interests us more, that’s why I concentrate on twitterer part. Registration at takes you just several seconds, but if you are not sure about this website, you have a chance to find out how much you could earn, before you start the registration process – and that is pretty handy I must say.

Upon confirming your account information you will be able to tune up your twitterer account and start placing sponsored ads. Apart from this, you can sign up for Be-a-Magpie’s referral program and earn 30% of transaction fees (applies only to advertisers).

Well, I hope this website will be a great income source for you. In addition, I would recommend you another mmo opportunity, if you are not that much into microblogging. get paid to website will help you earn money by taking surveys and filling out sign up forms. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to


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