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Make Money over the Web by Listening to Music Tracks at

If you are looking for interesting ways to make money online with no investment, then I created this blog for you. Here I share my favorite earning opportunities – some of them help me make a living on the web, some of them I am just testing and the rest of the sites can be used for earning money while having fun online.

Earning money by listening music is one of the best opportunities for those, who want to combine earning money and spending fun time on the web. In this blog I already featured several good sites to listen music for money and today I would love to add one more website to this category.

Ways to earn by listening to the music at

This website is created for people, who like to listen to new music tracks, find out more about brand new and popular artists/bands and wouldn’t mind getting rewards for using - earn money by listening to music

MusicXray connects artists, music label owners, producers and listeners. Here new bands and artists have an opportunity to upload and share their music tracks, find producers and potential audience. Here you can register as a music fan and earn cash bonuses for listening to music tracks and rating them.

Artists submit a lot of songs to Music Xray and listeners have a lot of tracks to check out. Listeners get paid for completing such tasks: listening to the music, answering questions, leaving ratings to songs and leave comments, which can be seen by artists.

After the registration at you will be getting up to 5 cents for every song listened and reviewed. The system encourages active members and raises the rates for good listeners and raters. There is an additional ways to make cash online with By referring new members to this website you can receive additional bonuses and a revenue cut of what your referrals make. Also you can become an affiliate here and earn money by finding new members and use RSS feeds for money.

A lot of my friends use this website to earn extra money online in their free time and they shared one tip with me – try to complete tasks available for you as soon as possible. The faster you complete listening tasks – the more money you will be paid for every track.

Listening music for money, is an easy thing to do, so I think that MusicXray can be used by anyone. I do hope that you like this make money online opportunity and I wish to hear comments from you. Anyways, thanks for reading, if you want to get free work at home updates, please subscribe to IncomeBooster and follow us on FaceBook.

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