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Make Money Posting on Internet Business Forums –

Every day we find out about various work from home opportunities on the net. Recently I have found out about a website called, where you can get free prizes for taking quizzes. I have been giving away free invites to this Internet freebie offer for a while and there have been over a hundred of interested blog readers, but you still have the time to participate.

Recently, there have been new opportunities to earn money online for free. Most of the time, webmasters support the concept – get paid for something you are already doing. Lets just think about it – we are spending a lot of time online doing various work:

shop online – as the result we have cash back shopping, which is extremely popular nowadays. Everyone likes having discounts for free.

pay Internet games – most of the time we need time to relax, but what can be better than getting paid for testing and playing games online.

discuss various topis on public message boards – so far this is the biggest hit on the Internet. The number of Internet forum communities is growing really fast. There are some reasons for such forum popularity – only on these websites you can get quality help or problem solution for free.

But Internet money makers has takes this concept one step furhter, and now we can get paid to post on forums. I have been working with such websites for a while now, and I must say that is the easiest way of getting paid for something you already do. Just think for yourself, do you have an account on any public forum or do you spend time on Internet forums looking for some sort of information, no matter what infomation – business, financial, Internet gaming and so on.

My previous article regarding this topic has been read over 10,000 times (and you still have the chance to check it out by following the previous link). Today I have new information for you, I have finished a review of another make money online and business forums the administator of which is paying you to post.

Anyways, let me tell you some words about This is a pretty nice “get paid to” discussion forum the administrator of which, is supplying me with quality information on various make money online topics. Usually you can get quality information from me, but only on this forum you can know for sure – whether the website is paying or not. If you register on this board, the paid to watch Youtube videos discussion will be the best for you. I hope you remember my making money with paid to watch sites guide (this article is pretty popular too, so you can rely on my experience).

So lets talk more about how you can make money with As I have already told you it’s a get paid to post board, here you will be earning special points, which can be redeemed for real cash. I have asked the administrator to make up a small list of rules and regulations, and here it is for you
The rule :

* Minimum CFF Cash for Cash Out : 250
* Maximum CFF Cash for Cash Out : 500
* Minimum post for Cash Out : 100

CFF Point info :

* Payment Request : 1 CFF Cash = $0.007
* 5th Payment request and above 1 CFF Cash: $0.01
* 1 thread created: 3 CFF Cash
* 1 post: 2 CFF Cash

Payment Processor :

* Liberty Reserve
* Alertpay
* Paypal (On special request)

Just for update, the rates have been improved and now you will get up to 6$ per every 100 posts you make.

Fee depend on E-Currency you are using – so far PayPal is the most popular cash out option.

Limit : 10 threads and 30 posts per day

First 100 Active members will get 70 CFF Cash
(to qualify for this bonus, at least 30posts required)

There are aslo exciting contests running, which can give you more chances of earning money. So you have nothing to loose, but just cash to earn.

To conclude this review I will have to tell you – this is a great place to communicate with other people, who are just starting their way to earning money from home. You can sure communicate with members and get paid for this. I think that forgot to tell about the referral system, which will give you extra points for inviting your friends. As for me, it’s better to become a part of a nice community and get at least some money for your daily activity, rather then work for some Internet scammers and guess whether you will be paid or not.

All in all, I am expecting your comments regarding this paid to post opportunity. I hope you will like it, and you can talk to me in real time on this forum too. Just look for IncomeBooster.


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