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Ways to Make Money by Running a Personal or Niche Blog on the Internet

Well, I am keeping to my old routine (but I haven’t added new stuff for several days now, but will update one old, but really important post). So I see that more and more blog readers are asking me about the ways of making money by writing articles or running a personal blog.

I must say that first of all, you need to know what are the ways of making money online by writing. Basically you can work for:

  1. a company which pays you to blog
  2. some revenue sharing website (usually a blogging platform or network of blogs)
  3. yourself – write what you want, when you want – monetize your blog using your own skills
  4. combine 1,2 and make it into your part-time earning opportunity and invest earned money on the option number 3

These are the sure working chances for those you thinks that can write competitive articles or blog posts on the Internet. It is not that easy to become a blogging professional, so many people just start with freelance jobs, while working on some freelance posting project. But every option requires special information.

Earn money with a blogging network – there are several websites that are ready to hire you in their blog network and even create you a free blog, if you can post really good stuff, the content, which will attract traffic from Google.

I think that earning with is a pretty nice network to consider, but I will be working on finding and reviewing the best ones I come across.


Revenue sharing websites, which pay you to blog is a great way to start posting random stuff and look what requests you are getting from people. Such media sites as Squidoo, Hubpages, allow you to post your articles, communicate with other authors and earn money (because these websites allow you to add your Google Adsense Pub-id).

But creating and running a unique niche blog is not just fun, but profitable. At first it will take just a lot of time, because you need to come up with the domain name, website blog design and other stuff. But you can earn even with a free blog with uses a default theme, but still earn money (if you write good and unique content).

Making money with a blog not that hard nowadays, if you find the way to make your blog popular. I can give you some tips to start with:

  • Don’t be afraid of the competition, pick the niche you can be possibly good at
  • Well done research is the key to making your website stand out of the crowd
  • Don’t try to monetize your website right away, it won’t do your Internet project any good
  • Don’t be afraid to ask – you can leave comments, email me, sign up for some webmaster forums and look what other people do to earn money on the Internet.
  • Give me new ideas for posting – the more questions I receive, the higher chance is that you get an answer from me

Don’t forget to check out the older version of this article, as it follows below. And by the way, I will be writing my success  story.

Make money running a blog

Blogs are the future of Internet, because you can update them even every day. It takes a long time to update your html or php based website (so you can’t even update it with new information once a month). So with new flood of blogs, some companies need more backlinks and more traffic. So they would actually pay you to blog and link to them (which is very profitable if you have PR and a lot of traffic). So that is the 1st way to making money with a blog.

Another way could be running a blog for some company (because administrators don’t usually have time to blog about new things and important updates). If you can write quality posts, your salary might be over 25$ a day (you don’t have to blog more then 3 times a week), which is not that bad at all.

The last way would be just writing articles for some blogs (content is the king and you can write articles for money). You will just sell your articles with full resale rights.

Earning money blogging belongs to freelancer jobs, that’s why you should read about all possible ways of making money as a freelance writer or worker – “Work From Home Doing Freelance Work” reveals all possible ways, advantages and disadvantages of working form home as freelancer.

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