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Making Money Online with Free Surveys Done Easy


With the rapid development of Internet there are more and more companies online which are offering services and products. Usually such companies are brand new, and they are looking for some feedback on their company and services. That’s why they are ready to pay top dollar to simple users like you and me to try and review their services. Such companies contact survey websites, which in their turn pay Internet users for their opinion.

Background Information:

Over last several years there were a lot of scammers in the paid surveys area. But as for me it had settled down and this way of making money online is back on track. Some people are still skeptical about making money online answering surveys, but I have had some luck with it. The main advantages of this work from home method are:

1. Your flexible schedule
2. No obligation to meet deadlines
3. You get paid for everything you have done
4. Money are sent to your mailbox or PayPal account

But you still have to be careful when picking survey companies, some of them are still trying to scam you, that’s why I will give you some tips.

The only downsides of earning with paid survey companies are:

1. Availability for US/CA/UK/AU/GER members
2. Still some of the companies are unfair

But if you really get into it, working from home answering surveys is a lot of fun. And I want to give you some tips, which will help you to succeed right away.

How To Start Earning:

As I have told alredy, making money online doing surveys is fun and easy. But this is time consuming process, so it’s vital to automate it as much as you want.

Picking the right survey companies is most important part of earning. I have created a separate category, where I review latest survey companies and tell whether they are good or now that good.

Best Paid Survey Sites

Automatic form filling can be done with Roboform software. You can tune it up however you need, it’s just great for registering with various companies.

Referring your friends for more money is usually a lot of fun. You can create a simple webpage with your affiliate link. Then do some promotion or just send the link to your friends, they will just love it :).

Cashing out the money can be carried out that PayPal or just checks. Personally I prefer PayPal payments to checks.

Staying secure make sure you create new email address for your survey sites. Scam sites love to phishing. And I wish you can avoid this. Check the real email senders and make sure that websites you sign-up for are reputable and have been online for a while.

Conclusion: Though making money online with paid surveys is a lot of fun, there is a risk of getting spam emails. This way of earning is getting back to the market with a high flow of GPT sites, so you can still make a lot of money online, if you are from the countries I have stated above.

Thanks for reading, any questions are appreciated!


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