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Making Money Online With Get Paid To Upload Websites Explained

Every day we get new and new websites on the Internet, and as far as making money over the Internet is getting more and more popular, creative webmasters are coming up with new ideas of Internet money making. I have been running this blog for over 2 years now, but before that I had a lot of bad luck trying various work from home opportunities (telling the truth, back in 2004-2005, when I was starting as Internet money maker, there were just 3 or 4 ways of earning on the Internet – Google Adsense, various GPT (get paid to) and and maybe other misc freelance job opportunities).

But as for me, right now with such a variety of Internet income sources, starting with earning money online is very easy. On this blog I am just randomly trying and reviewing websites, which offer simple Internet users (just like you and me) the opportunity to make money from something we already do.

At first I thought that all these websites are just a big rip-off and I shouldn’t trust them, but in the end, I started receiving huge paychecks, which were giving me more and more determination.


So today I want to explain what making money with get paid to upload websites is all about. The idea for writing such a guide came upon me, when I saw and review is getting over 200 views a day, so this means that people are actually looking for this kind of stuff, and many Internet users are interested in earning money by sharing media files.

In this post (I am aiming for 2000 word article, so @ impatient readers – I recommend you to get a cup of coffee or something, you are about to find some new and interesting stuff about earning money over the Internet).

I think that idea of getting paid for uploading files was first introduced by

Earn Money By Sharing Files

How did making money online with filesharing begin?

Telling the truth I don’t really know the whole story, but according to my personal experience, I will tell you the consequence of get paid to share website development. Back the the 2004 I knew only one file sharing website, which was called

As for me, it was one and only way to get files from the Internet – music, software, various games and ebooks (I used only this website to get any files). I didn’t even know how people (except Radipshare admins) were making money. I looked almost through every page on their website, but there was nothing related to “make money online with Rapidshare”.

So I thought it was just a joke, because it was clear, that website admins place a lot of advertisement on their website and pay off the server rent and bills, but the premium membership offer was kind of fishy for me. They were charging good money for a week of premium Rapishare access, so I went to Google and typed in, “how to get cheap premium accounts at Rapidshare”.

I came up with a bunch of offers, from people who were selling premium accounts for 50% of their initial worth. And finally I got how people were earning cash using this website ( and now it is

This get paid to upload website has a bonus program on terms of which you could share your files and receive special points for every download. The more points you earn, the more premium account passwords you can buy – that is how people roll at Rapid Share, because here (well same as at you can buy premium accounts using your account balance (the points accumulated from downloads).

So until now, you can use Rapid Share to pass over your money and speculate by selling cheap premium membership on various forums and bulletin boards (yeah this is still very popular nowadays).

But lets see, why making money online with file sharing is so popular nowadays and what makes it happen.

Paid To Share Files On The Internet

What makes earning by sharing files possible?

Well, many people still ask me how could such websites afford to pay up to 20$ per 1000 file downloads. Telling the truth it’s very easy – everyone is eager to make money on the Internet. Lets just compare website which pays you to upload files and promote your download links with the one that doesn’t ( VS

Both websites allow you to host your files on their servers for free (up to 2GB) I guess. So when the user wants to download from – he has a choice – wait for 60 seconds and watch a small advertisement or buy a premium account, which will remove all restrictions. Such an option is not very user friendly, but anyways, it wouldn’t hurt to wait for 60 seconds, and leave that promo video on for a while.

But this could be a better option, if we go over to the download page at and see a bunch of annoying pop-ups, pop-unders, which usually tend to have viruses, spyware and stuff.

I don’t know, but I think that paid to upload websites, such as and totally win here. But it is just my objective thought, you are the one to think about your website users and the ways to monetize your website content.

As you may have understood, get paid to share (paid to upload) websites make good money off the advertising on their download pages and sell expensive premium accounts (many people would better pay 2$ for a 24 hour premium account, rather than spend their valuable time).

And lets look at it from the side of the admins – you as a member of their paid to upload site, upload the content, promote the download pages with their advertising and they just look after the servers, keep your files intact and just give you a cut, it’s a perfect business model as for me.

And it’s easier for them to pay the money and attract new interested webmasters, rather spend money and time on promoting their free file hosting service (it is not that easy to become as popular as Rapidshare or MediaFire, they have been working on their websites for years, I guess).

As for me, paid file sharing is a great and popular nowadays Internet business model. During last several months, there have been introduced something like 5 new websites, which will pay you to upload your files and share the links with your friends.

It’s a killer deal, especially for those, who have or rent their own servers (for example, I have found out about almost a year ago, but nowadays it’s one of the most popular sites that offer you to make money with your files. The success stays behind the 10$ rate for 1000 downloads).

Paid Sharing Of Files

How much could one make sharing files on the Internet?

There are several things that determine the possible amount you could make from your files.I will just break them down in a small list:

  1. The website you cooperate with
  2. The amount of files you have already uploaded
  3. The country your visitors are from
  4. The size of the file you are sharing
  5. The type of advertising get paid to upload company has on

So one by one comes the explanation:

1. Usually websites pay you about 5-20$ per 1000 file downloads. But everything is not as easy as it may seem. You will receive top rate (15-20$) pay only if your downloaders are from Russia, USA or Canada and if the files are over 200mb. Usually such sites place such restrictions only on the TOS (Terms of Service) pages, so usually newbies work hard and then ask questions. So I be smart and read the TOS, before you sign up for anything.

2. As for the files that you have uploaded – some websites have special loyalty programs, which give you more money per download, if you are making good money and driving a lot of traffic to their website. It’s pretty smart of them, and it could be a great motivation for you.

3. Lets continue about the restrictions, which administrators are trying to hide in all possible ways. Usually you get paid more for traffic from the USA, the UK, Russia, Canada, Australia, France and Poland (sometimes Ukraine).

I think that these countries tend to spend more money on their websites, or just tend to click more ads. I don’t know the reason, but the restrictions exist.

4. One more restriction about get paid to upload websites – you will be paid more for larger files, know why? Because you need to have a premium account for massive files, and if you drive a lot of traffic to your huge files – you will get more cash (and the admins will just roll in wealth :)).

Well they have the right to make money, it’s their business and we shouldn’t complain as far as they are still paying.

5. Well the last one applies only to earning money with offer you just one revenue option, which is Google Adsense, so they don’t really pay you per upload, but place your Google ads on their download pages. So basically with DocStoc you can earn not just per click, but also per impression (CPM).

Which get paid to share website is the best?

This is a very popular questions from webmasters, or simple Internet money makers, who are not familiar with making money over the Internet using such websites. Usually paid file hosting websites are being used by those who either:

  1. look for an extra way of making money online
  2. share their files with friends or mates, and just want to earn some cash
  3. webmasters, who are relying on making money by sharing Internet freebies (and hope to earn cash)

No matter to what category applies to you, eventually people who will be downloading files shared by you will be somehow offended (if your file is extremely large, they will be requested to pay some money for a “fast download”, and if you have shared a bunch of such files, at some point users will have to wait for some time, in order to let the servers have a break).

So as for me, when you look for “the best paid to share” website, you should consider such facts: a) your users (depending how many of them you have); b) the quality of your files and stuff you share; c) the amount of money you want to make.

As for me, all of these factors are considered, but you don’t really want to make your downloaders suffer, unless you have uploaded extremely rare files, the files people crave for.

According to my experience, it’s better to use several paid to upload websites at a time, if you do so – you will make x3 more money, and don’t ask me why:

If your user wants to download 3 files from your website, and you use, for example just, after downloading the first think, they will end up at error page (the one that asks you to buy a premium account). But if you upload 3 files or yours to 3 different file hosting services, the users will download all of them at once (from the hosting 1,2,3).

It’s very easy, if you start thinking about your users, or end up being a user of a paid to upload website. (also, some websites – file hosting services – will just delete your files when they are not being downloaded, I think that they do their server clean-up once a month, so if you use three file hosting services at once, you lower the risk of loosing your freebies).

Top three paid file sharing websites

Thought there are over 20 websites that pay you to share files on the Internet, I was asked by one forum member to write about top 3 websites that I fancy. I have decided to tell you about sites that have already paid me and offer pretty good payouts. This doesn’t mean that they are THE BEST of the best, but these filesharing hosts just work out for me and my niche.

Anyways here is goes – top three websites that pay you to upload:

1. – as for me this is the best website on the market (this works out for me the best). I am making good money by sharing various files (most of the time webmaster resources) using The pay is about 10$ for every 1000 downloads (but you get paid less for downloads from countries other then USA, Canada and Russia).

You can check out my official get paid to share review and look through all the terms of service you should possibly need to know. Also I do like the referral program this website offer you, I am making more cash from referrals than other the other paid to share websites all together, so if you know where to find referrals – go for

2. – another great website I just love working with. Even thought they pay you mostly for downloads from Europe, Russia, Poland and the USA, here you can actually make more money (up to 15$ per 1000 downloads). Here they also have a pretty nice referral program, and thanks to the referrals, I have finally made enough money to pay out.

Another thing that I like about this website – is fast payments, you get paid within 3 days, unlike at other websites, which require you to wait for a week or so. is a pretty good paid to share website you should consider, because not that many people already know about it. For more information read about making money with

3. – the former, as for me the company is situated in Russia, because you get paid more for downloads from this country (and for downloads from the USA and Canada) and fast payments are offered only in WebMoney, which is the most popular payment system in Russia (maybe in Europe already) – I have already told you about this in my make money review.

Here to get paid 5$ just for signing up and 10% of what your referrals make. Depending on the file size, you will be paid 5-20$ per 1000 downloads of your file. Sounds pretty nice, but you need 30$ to cash our money out. This is my #3 favorite and I hope that something will change after I receive my next payout from them.

As far as I am looking forward to investigating niche of making money with file sharing websites, I would like you to subscribe and follow my updates about sites that host your files for money. I already have 4 or 5 websites to review in the next couple of days. Can you smell the possible income opportunity?


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