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Micro Freelance Working Jobs At (Review)

Now, when I have more time to post to my one of a kind Internet blog, I went over some chats (messages from the interested users) and found out the topics, readers do want to know more about.

I know that with this crisis thing more and more people are trying to find a good job online, but for this you need good skills or at least a diploma. But I haven’t been writing about the Internet job opportunities, which require you special knowledge (if we don’t count posts about paid forum posting and freelance writing).

Anyways, so I am writing about free and sure working methods of earning cash from home, but as you can see, I have a lot of categories and would like to add that idea “make money online by uploading files” is getting more and more popular, maybe that is why I am getting my first payment (and this is another topic for my work from home news blog).


But today, I would like to tell you more about the new concept of freelance jobs, the ones that don’t require you to have special knowledge (basic Internet knowledge always works). The website is called, and I wonder if you have heard about it already. To start off I visited the about page, and it says that the company was launched in 2002 and is initially located in the USA.

Anyways, lets skip over some stuff and answer the most popular questions about

  • How do I earn money with
  • I see about 8,340 results for the search term scam – can I really make money online?
  • When do I get the PIN code to request the money?

So let me start from the first and the most straight forward answer to the question. At MicroWorkers you are paid for completing simple online jobs (micro jobs). You literary don’t need any skills or knowledge to earn money.

Here is a list of stuff you can get paid to do at

  • Blog about selected advertiser’s products
  • Create website and product reviews for advertisers
  • Add your friends Facebook Apps
  • Join some social networking group
  • Follow advertisers or any other people on Twitter
  • Digg vote for any website
  • or for any other misc. Internet job

Registration process takes just several minutes and will receive 1$ just for signing up at micro workers. I see that this post is getting a bit too long, and I hate when people spend hours reading my blog, so I will keep it short while answering your other questions about earning money with

This website is not a scam, people should enter the PIN code to receive the payment, those who don’t want to wait for this letter in the mail, just tell that selected website is a complete scam. I think I will create another post regarding this website in several days (only when I complete my Internet research).

Thanks for reading my blog ( and I hope you will find some good information for yourself. I’m really excited to give you more tips of getting free traffic to earn with referrals, I just love this series of posts, but can’t really find enough time to complete the full course. If you have something to ask, don’t hesitate and leave your comments.


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