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Every Internet worker specializing in data entry, research or freelance work in all its manifestations would tell you how hard it is to find web-based jobs, which require little or no experience. Even though these jobs are hard to find and don’t pay reasonable amount of money, their importance should never the left out or taken for granted.

By taking up such online work, any person, who is treating online employment seriously and wants to work on gaining valuable experience, which later on would help him/her to capitalize on obtained skills and experience and land a dream job on the web.

Today, short, quick and easy to do data entry, research and freelance jobs can be found on, and Registering with these sites can give you a vision of what type of work Internet employers are offering and make first steps to earning money from home. Just now we offered you three sure-working sites for getting short tasks but we are always looking for new players in this business and today our research yielded one more promising result – marketplace is intended to be used by both US residents and non-US, international freelancers

[toc] – background information deals with numerous business owners, who outsource their work to Mobile Works team (their job is to break employer’s data entry orders into smaller tasks, which can be completed by workers with no working experience).

Internet jobs at

So in order to stay in business and provide employers with quick solutions for their data entry or other work needs is constantly hiring new workers.

Registration process and taking up work

MobileWorks accepts workers possessing good knowledge of English language but pays no attention to their geographical location. Both US residents and international members can register and start making money by doing such tasks as: data entry, online research, content writing, image tagging, transcription and other tasks, which cannot be accomplished by robots and require human intelligence.

Upon registration, ever user can go through a training process to get a clear vision of how the system functions (you will receive money for accurate completion of training process). Later on, in your member account you will see a list of tasks you can complete for money (we still have not figured out how the tasks are being assigned to the members and why members can’t pick tasks, they are willing to complete, themselves).

More about becoming a MobileWorker can be found here: Top reasons to become a MobileWorker

Getting paid

The tasks don’t pay a lot of money, maybe, that is why the minimum cash-out limit is set at just $1. Upon setting a withdrawal, MobileWorks employees check your withdrawal request and pay money within three-four days. The supported virtual payment systems are PayPal and MoneyBookers. credibility

This website has been launched not a very long time ago but still there are already positive reviews of this website being posted on the web, especially from the users, which have already received their payments. So far we can do nothing but state that is a legit way to make extra money in your free time but this site cannot be considered as a full-time job replacement. We think that it will do as a superb guide for freelance business beginners.

Further reading

Amazon’s is still the best website for finding micro freelance and data entry jobs on the web. Amazon users are constantly adding more tasks, which can be completed for money at Mturk.

The best fiverr and Mturk alternatives – we are working hard on creating and editing this list of sites. Many freelance services and job boards come and go but we try to keep track of them and pass the best information to you.

Roundup and final thoughts

We are glad to announce that is a sure-working alternative to Amazon Mturk and can be used for generating extra income on the web by doing data entry and quick freelance jobs online.

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