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Make Money Online Playing Free Games at

I doubt that a lot of people knew that you can make money online playing games. That’s why I want to show you a website, where you can turn 1 penny into a million playing games. This website actually fits into two categories of (get paid to play and get paid to search), but I will do it one at a time.

Making money online playing games with Moola is a lot of fun. The whole system works like this :

  1. Moola’s sponsors give you 1 penny for your first game.
  2. There are three games to pick from at Moola, just pick one and start playing. If you win, your balance doubles.
  3. Now when you have your 0.02$, you can play again. Every time you win, your balance doubles. Personally, I have got up to 5.12$ so far, later on I started to loose somehow, maybe just got too tired.

So you can play games at Moola with a chance to win a lot of money, if you find out how to excel at those games. There is not requirement to pay any money, all investments are covered by Moola’s sponsors. Give it a try and earn some fast cash, while having fun.

The another cool feature is the Moola’s sponsored search engine. It’s like Google, but every time you make a search, you will get a chance to win an instant prize (from 0.1 to 20$). Personally I have won total of 1.2$ by searching Moola’s search engine, which is not that bad for 2 minutes of my effort.



Conclusion : As you see you can make easy money by playing games online. Moola makes it easy to rock some quick bucks, while having fun. It was very easy for me to excel at this game, it only took me 20 minutes to make 5.12$. I’m still on the way of cashing out (I think the limit is 10$ or 20$). Also I did enjoy the paid to search feature, which guarantees that you will earn at least something.


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