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How To Make Money Online Trying Products


In my previous guides I have told you how to make money online filling in surveys. This way of making money online is relatively old, but I had helped to develop another way of earning from home the so called “get paid to” industry. These sites offer a larger variety of earning possibilities, here you can make money online registering at sponsored websites and earn by trying their products or services.

Background Information:

GPT (stands for Get Paid To) – are websites, which are associated with advertisers, who are willing to pay you the money if you try their services. So how is that possible? – There hudreds of thoihsands of Internet companies, which are looking for potential customers. Most of Internet business websites are brand new, so they will pay you to try their services and leave the feedback. So they whole system looks like this:

Advertiser –$$–> GPT(Get Paid To) Site –$–> Users

So advertiser pays GPT sites to find customers, GPT sites in their turn pay you the money to try the product. It’s as easy as that.

Well, if there are so many advertiser, who are looking for potential customers, why don’t we take advantage of it. Most of the offers in GPT sites are free and don’t even require to give away your address. Such offers are just simple email submits or trials. I have had some experience with GPT sites, that’s why I will give you some idea about the sponsored offers

Email And Zip Submits – these are usually free signups which require to fill in your email and Zip. Such advertisers collect your details (emails) and send the niche related information. So it’s better to use brand new email with GPT sites, but I will give you more tips later on.The amount of money you can receive for such offers – 0.5-2$

Surveys And Sweepstakes – such sites require you to fill in more information, but they pay more. It’s vital to read though their TOS and double-check. Such advertisers will pay you to apply for freebies and sweeps, which is good, because you get a lot of free samples. The amount of money you can receive for such offers – 2-5$

Totally Free Offers – such advertisers pay you to join their community. The most common ones are survey sites and dating websites. All you have to do is fill in your information and the profile. The amount of money you can receive for such offers – 5-10$

Free And Paid Trials – the best earner! Such companys as Netflix, Blockbuster, Napster, Godaddy, Hostgator will pay you to apply for their serices. In order to receive credit for such trials, you have to register (CC usally required) and cancel withing the trial period. These are the fastest moneymakers! The amount of money you can receive for such offers – 10-80$. For example – Blockbuster offer pays 15$ and Hostgator one ~50$.

These stats depend on the GPT sites too, some of them pay more, some pay less, so you’ve got to pick best ones too. Oh, about best ones, I’m running a separate category about best GPT websites (and ones that paid me) – Top Get Paid To Try Websites. Also the Top 5 GPT Sites will be picked on montly basis.

Personal Experience And Tips On Getting Successful With GPT Sites

Personally, I have made over 2000$ with GPT sites over the last three month. I don’t have a CC I can use for trial offers, so I have made that much doing free trials and signups. The time I spent everyday was about 25 minutes.

These sites are very easy to use, but you’ve got to keep track of your offers, because if you forget to cancel the offer, you are kind of screwed, unless you really like the site you registered at.

And here is what I recommend you to do before you start making money online with GPT sites.

    1. New email box. Gmail is the best choice so far, they offer great spam filtering.
    2. Register a PayPal account, unless you already have one. Make sure it’s verified, and names in your PayPal and GPT accounts match.
    3. You will do a lot of registering, so Roboform is the best choice for automatic form filling.
    4. I know that most of us want to make as much as possible, so I do recommend earning with trial offers. It would be great if you can get a pre-paid debit card, the one you can use for GPT sites. Deposit like 25$ and you are ready to roll. I did a little research and here are some places to get pre-paid debit cards.

Perfect alternative to a checking account

Visa Prepaid Card

Tips on choosing the best GPT site and getting paid:

  1. Look in the sections I have told you.
  2. Make sure you Google the information about the GPT site you are going to register at. Read the TOS and privacy policy.
  3. GPT site seems more trustworthy if they have a support forum or online ticket support.
  4. Do fill in YOUR REAL information. If you don’t, your account with be marked as fraudent, and you won’t get paid for sure. These sites have to right to use the info they collect, if they do, you can rest on their TOS and sue them. I know it, because I worked for one GPT site.
  5. Payments: PayPal VS Check. I’d better go with PayPal if it’s allowed – it’s faster and more secure. Checks get lost in the mail, that’s how I lost my check for over 500$ from a trusted GPT site which pays only with checks.

Another way of earning money online with get paid to programs is to recruit the referrals. Most of GPT sites offer you the percentage of your referral’s earnings. Usually sites pay you up to 20% of what your friends make. This means, if you have 20 good friends, who register under you and earn 100-150$, you can make up to 400$, which is just superb.

I think there is more to tell about GPT sites, but I will update the post later. Also your questions will be appreciated.

Conclusion: Making money online with GPT sites is a lot of fun. You get paid to try the product, killing two birds with one stone – get the stuff and some cash for it. I have had a great success with such sites, that’s why I’ve decided to share.


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