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Make Money Online Being Active – Review

Making money on the Internet with paid forum posting is a whole new idea of earning on the Internet. Many of us do spend a lot of time on public forums, and we do like it. Now when everything is for cash, we have got a lot of opportunities to get paid for something we already do.

But there are subtle differences between paid to post websites which work with actual advertisers and those who make money for google and site wide ads.

The option number one: Here you need some writing skills to get accepted into the team, the your main mission is to boost up the conversation on some forum, you have never been before, though the pay is way higher, a lot of general knowledge is needed.

The variant number two: Here websites just make money for website advertisement, usually it’s just adsense. So here you can chit-chat about anything you like, but there are multiple categories. Basically you ask and answer questions and get paid money for being active.


The second type of paid to post websites sounds like a lot of fun, and I’d like to tell you about, the website which fits the variant #2.

This paid to post community is a lot like Yahoo Answers, but here you earn points for your participation. The whole idea has be taken few steps further and now My Lot looks like a big blog, which is constantly updated by people. This website really reminds me off Squidoo and Hubpages, but it’s more human targeted, here you can feel free to start any discussion and I think any of your questions can be answered here.

Don’t expect to become rich with this system, unless you have a lot of active friends. This referral system is present and you have a chance of earning percentage for your pals. Website is updated with thousands of new discussion topic every day, and I can say for sure that this website is a great source of information.

But there are still some people, who treat My Lot like a job and start hundreds of new topics every day, which are usually ignored, just to increase the post count. I think it’s really worth it if you have like five hundred referrals, other then that, My Lot can not be treated like an income source.

Discussions relate almost to everything, and smart web-masters try to promote their products there too, but MyLot  really keeps spam and non-related discussions to a minimum.

The other secret about MyLot is the price per post, no one really knows, how much you can get paid – some people say it’s not even a cent, but others claim that they average almost a buck per post. I think it is somehow connected with the value of the message, but the administrators keep their formula in secret.

As for the earning, you still can make good money (everything depends where you live and how much can be considered good for you). This website will not become your main income source, if you wish to earn something like $200-$300 a month. You can make that much, but only with active referrals, everything is possible and depends on your friends.

By default the minimum payout is set at $10. Money are sent via PayPal on weekly basis, as far as I remember. If you start earning more then that, you can set the custom limit, but I doubt that it’s needed. has been around of a long time and still is a fine way to make some extra cash. Personally it was the first website that paid me online, so I do believe that it’s possible to make money with

Simply it’s a great way to spend some good time and learn something new. If you can write well and want to get more money per post, you should really look into paid forum posting companies, which is growing rapidly today.


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