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In the last decade the amount of businesses, who decided to go digital, has increased drastically. So today it is hard to imagine a small company or a large enterprise without using digital forms of storing, processing and sending their data.

As a result, the jobs in the data entry and conversion field have become more common and desired by both employers and job-seekers, who in their turn usually take advantage of living in the digital age and working from the comfort of their own houses.

The list of jobs that can be done from home is long and varied but recently more and more people started to show their interest towards working in the transcription field – it is a good earning opportunity, especially if you can type fast.

What is

Neal R. Gross & Co., Inc. (NRGCO) is an American company, which has dedicated 35 years of their work to providing quality transcription services, both in the United States of American and internationally. is providing Transcriber Employment on Stay-at-Home Basis

In order to keep up with their orders and deliver them in timely fashion, people at are always on the lookout for new, skilled transcribers, who are eager to use their skills and expertise in the field to deliver high quality work.

If you would like to send your job application for the transcription listing at Neal R. Gross & Co., Inc., you can do so here:

Before applying for this position, please keep in mind such main requirements:

– ability to type over 60 word  per minute;

– excellent understanding and knowledge of English grammar and spelling;

– have at least 30 hours for this type of work weekly.

We have contacted the company to ask whether they accept registrations from outside North America (according to their website all employees are independent subcontractors but we were not able to learn about their geographical restrictions).

But if you weren’t able to get a job with Nealrgross or didn’t make the cut because of a country restriction, please take a look at these job leads that are available internationally:

Or learn more about these companies:, is one of the older employers in the transcription field. Their Internet reputation is predominantly positive but we would like to hear about your experience with them.

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