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New Ideas about Making Money Online for Free

Well, there is so many ways to earn money online I don’t even know where to start today. That’s why I will throw down the Top 5 fastest ways of making money online. They are not the best out there, but I will add more and more later. This week I will feature making money online with an Ebay selling, E-books, Online Fund raisers, and articles. So here is goes : 1. Become an affiliate for an e-book or any other digital product. Using this you can easily sign up and promote product of your choice. I have had a good experience promoting Survey4Profit. And I managed to get 40-50$ a week telling people that they could make money with surveys. When you register at an affiliate program, you need a blog. Blogspot would do just great. As soon as you get the blog, you can write some stuff about your digital products and insert your promotional link. More info about affiliate programs could be found here.

Tip 1 : Make sure you read this post “Three Easy Steps To Start Earning With Affiliate Programs” 2. Ebay – Making money with Ebay is endless. You can start selling your old child’s merchandise, some cool things your don’t need at home. Create a garage sale on Ebay or just offer some unique merchandise like “I love NY” T-shirts or any other stuff like that.

Tip 2 : When you do sell stuff on Ebay, accept PayPal only, it is the most secure way to receive your money. If you really get into it, you can open your Ebay store and sell more and more items. For those you already have experience, I would recommend using Doba with Ebay. Doba is a drop shipping agency that will you putting up your own retail store on Ebay. You can find a Doba review here.

Tip 3 : Use Doba for your Ebay business 3. If you have some writing skills and some knowledge you think you can sell, then you can write a guide of article and sell it. There are two ways to do it, create a blog and sell this ebook ther for like 5-10$ a piece. There other way is to give it away for free, but put up a lot of AdSense ads. Great ideas for article would be “How To Unblock Iphone”, “A Great Way To Create Awesome Banners in Photoshop”

Tip 5 : Find out more about Adsense website monetization.

Tip 4. Find a cool rare niche to write about. Making money blogging is a great way to boost your income. When starting a blog think about your blog topic and ways you will monetize it.

Tip 6 : Consider reading articles about your blog monetization :

Monetize your website with Infolinks

Two More Ways To Monetize Your Blog With Ease

General Info About Creating and Monetizing Your Blog

Tip 7. I have found a cool method on, but I’m not sure if it is working or not. Up to you actually : “Start an online fundraiser. This is only if you need the money for a cause that would be considered “fundraiser-worthy” – for example medical bills or to assist in some sort of financial emergency. Find something inexpensive that you can re-sell online for a profit of at least $2-$5. You could sell candles, candy, paperback books, certificates, even drawings, or cards or postcards.

Write an email and post on forums about the situation and what you are raising the money for. Send an email out to all your contacts and ask them to forward to their contacts if they are willing. Make sure you deliver the fundraiser product. And of course, be certain that you use the money you gain for the original purpose you stated.”

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