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Nowadays modern technological advancements have enabled us to start efficiently working on the move or from the comfort of your own homes. The number of people, who would like to gain professional freedom, optimize his/her work schedule and take full control of the career, is constantly growing.

Many companies are outsourcing work nowadays and professionals can easily land a job in web design, programming, customer service or virtual assisting. Call center workers also have a chance of working on the schedule, which is convenient for them. Furthermore, a company called provides such an opportunity.

What is specialized in handling their clients’ teleservices needs with the help of their unique home agent contact center model and special agent training techniques. is hiring virtual call center agents

Nexrep greatly encourages considering this work at home opportunity, as it provides such benefits:

– flexible schedule and professional freedom: you can improve your earning potential by managing your time, as only you know when your work is the most efficient;

– various opportunities to save money: commuting costs, wardrobe expenses, money spent on eating, as opposed to dining at home;

– Nexrep support system, which gives any professional good guidance and free professional certification.

If you are interested in the opportunity, please learn more (and fill out an application form) on this page:

Many call center agents, who have experience working for this company claim to be earning approximately $15 per hour but it should be noted that it is a performance-based position, so some agents earn as much as 25 US dollars per hour (but this wage could go either way).

Also Nexrep is only providing certification for US residents, as it is a part of their company policy. So if you reside outside US or don’t have the legal ability to provide services in the US, please check out these alternative companies, which usually accept international applicants:,,,,,,

All in all, we have found mostly positive reviews of this employer but would like to hear your story about

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