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PaydayMansion review and key facts about the affiliate program

There are many affiliate programs in the US and the UK markets. They distribute such sorts of commodities and services: financial services, games, medications and many other. Affiliates who are interested in generating payday loan traffic may also find many programs that will be willing to work with them.

Payday loan leads are an attractive way to make money with PaydayMansion a dedicated affiliate program that offer the highest commission and strong marketing support to affiliates. Making money with PaydayMansion is easy as pie. Many our affiliates make as much as 2-4 thousand USD per day.

Enormous profits

Every payday loan affiliate has got nice perspectives to make this money in PaydayMansion. Commision is the highest in the market, since we have entered into profitable agreements with companies from the industry. With better focus on a one line of business we provide better results, and better commission is given to our affiliates.

Make use of Landing Pages

Landing pages is one of the standard marketing tools we provide to our affiliates. You can adjust landing pages to your needs.  Also we help our webmasters with banners, mobile applications, SEO optimization, pay-per-click campaigns. You can also make use of social media marketing if you contact to and get approval from affiliate managers from PaydayMansion. Also you can promote our products through job listing websites.

 Sample landing page at PaydayMansion #1

  Sample landing page

 Sample landing page at PaydayMansion #2

Sample landing page

 Sample landing page at PaydayMansion #3

Sample landing page

Banners may be useful in directing customers to your landing pages. Each banner may direct them and a relevant call-to-action message may incline them to send a quote regarding payday loans. Banners will boost traffic on your website, and you will get better results on monetization.

Bulk site generator at PaydayMansion

Bulk site generator

Enhance traffic with mobile apps

Mobile applications are another source of traffic that can be tracked and added to your commission fee results. Cash advance program is extended to the mobile traffic. Our high-end applications are prepared in order to function on iPhone and Android operating systems. These applications can be downloaded with the use of mobile links. It is your task to generate mobile links. If a mobile app is downloaded it is easily tracked with our brand-new tracking system. Each download will be connected with your Affiliate ID.

Generating new mobile app links at PaydayMansion

Generating new mobile app links

Team-consulted principles

We are the only affiliate programme that have achieved so much thanks to our experienced webmasters who joined our team of affiliates. PaydayMansion founders sought for advice from hundreds of webmasters, before the whole project was launched. Owing to this we know how affiliate programme should function and what elements may make it stand out.

Members Area – what’s that?

All affiliates can find statistics, read news, and get information about their earnings from members area. The dashboard and the whole member area are our own work. We have developed this making use of our up-to-date experience in developing applications dedicated to affiliate programs.

If you want to sign up, it won’t take long. Sign up procedure takes two stages of  verification. We only need from you such details as: name and surname, street address, phone number, website URL. You may also be asked to inform what marketing tools you want to use.  After this your account must be approved. Later on you will be given access to the members area. The whole process does not take more than one day.

The dashboard you can use after login is very intuitive. Its graphic design and layout of whole content is easily readable for users. With all options available you can find all facts about traffic you generated, and earnings you make. You can group all information by for example: keyword, subaccount or geographic area.

Affiliate platform at PaydayMansion

Affiliate platform

Our team will help you with open arms. Use ICQ, Skype or e-mail.

Summary report at PaydayMansion

Summary report

Payments and Reports.

You can manage all your statistics about payments and reports with traffic results from the dashboard. See the picture below. In this picture you can check what options you may use in order to generate reports.

You can generate global reports that summarize activities, but also leads details. In the matter of performance you can choose between subaccounts, states, keywords, cities.

Reports - Dashboard at PaydayMansion

Reports – Dashboard

Hold period is the time you have to wait for the payment. In accordance with the Affiliate Agreement it takes 14 calendar days. Hold period may be extended, depending on payment method you prefer (PayPal, WMZ). In some cases, hold period is shortened, but it is possible only when affiliates generate big traffic, and earn big money.

You can also generate ancillary traffic on mobile devices. You will be able to create mobile links. With them, users may be convinced to download our payday mobile application. Each download is money for you.   You can create with this another source of traffic monetization. Commision fee in this case is 5%. We track all downloads with a high-end software.

Work with one, but better program

Being torn apart by work done for few affiliate programs may not be a satisfactory deal for you. From many affiliates programs that have little to offer, it may be wise to think about cooperation with only one. Choose  one focused and well prepared programme that is totally commited to supporting its affiliates. Choose big cash, and the latest marketing solutions. This all is what you may get from PaydayMansion.

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