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[Payment Proof] – International Service for Earning from Surveys and Testing

Over the past several months this blog went through considerable innovations and improvements. We implemented a dozen of new approaches to reviewing work at home opportunities.

Today we are trying out a new type of posts – a follow-up post with a payment proof and tips of achieving success with a selected Internet service. A recent payment from proved us that this Internet survey website is legit, pays its members and, what is not less important, gives international members a chance to make money with an Internet-based survey site.

As far as it is a follow-up post, a detailed review of you will be able to find in our archives section or via the link supplied. Instead we would like to get more detailed about things, which fascinate us the most about this site. review and payment proof 1 are two links you might want to check out before reading further.


Earning opportunities for international members

An opportunity to register a non-US, UK or Canadian resident makes this survey website stand out of the crowd. If you are familiar with the business model of most survey websites, then you know that they target mostly the countries we listed in previous sentence, as there are more advertisers in those counties, consequently, running such a site only for a limited amount of countries makes this business efficient.

However, administrators give residents of other countries a chance to promote this site to people from US, UK or Canadian and receive cash for every legit sign up. If you are a webmaster, a frequent forum visitor and have some free time for promoting this free way of making money with surveys, then you will get $0.50 for every new member, who joins and extra $0.50 for every member, who becomes active on the site (a total of $1 per referral).

Accumulated earnings can be withdrawn to PayPal, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve or traded for one of a great variety of awesome prizes.

How it works in US, UK and Canada

Residents of these countries can access full functionality of this project and make money via cash-back shopping, product testing and free paid surveys. Up to date, this is one of the best sites of this kind, as thousands of members have had positive experience with this site and withdrawn thousands of dollars in prizes and cash payments.

It goes without saying that UK, US and Canadian members have better odds of making good money with but international users can earn some money too, like we did.

More about the process of making cash with could be found here: for US, UK and CA membersfor international users. credibility and payment proof

Luckily, today we are reviewing one of the best sites offering money for taking surveys, testing products and referring new members to their site. We have been so far paid three times and plan on promoting this website even more. Please check out our payment proof and leave your experience in the comment section below, if you have some. payment

Further reading is yet another great website, which is very similar to They give a wide array of chances to generate a steady Internet income by trying stuff and filling out surveys.

Roundup and final thoughts

All in all, we are glad to have started our new section with a review of a paying survey site open for members internationally. Even though some website options are restricted on the basis on user geo-location but administrators have done a fine job at allowing all their users to extract monetary benefits from using

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