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Easy Ways To Make Money Online Blogging At

Ever wondered how bloggers make that much money? Sponsors are the key, the more sponsors your resource can attract, the more money you can make.

But what do you need to start making money from sponsored reviews on your blog?

To start off,  you need a good blog with valuable information, the better your posts are – the more money you can make. The second thing you need is good amount of high quality backlinks, which will give you good Page Rank and SERP, and this means a lot of traffic.

As soon as you get this, you can start making money from sponsored reviews. It’s a very popular money making method nowadays. Some bloggers make a living out of this.

What are sponsored reviews and why would someone pay you for this?

New companies are looking for an initial boost for their sales, so they are ready to pay you to spread the word with your blog. What do they receive in return:

  • You’d review their website on your resource, which means a permanent backlink and a lot of readers
  • Keyword rich anchor links
  • Extra buzz around their website

So, now when you know how it works, I’d like to tell you about the website which is the marketplace for blog owners and advertisers. It’s called

They are looking forward to new websites, and will pay you for every sponsored blog post you make, but there are some blog requirements, like: steady traffic, high google PR (at least PR3), good amount of quality backlinks. Another requirement is that you have to update your blog at least once or twice a week, which is not that bad. Depending on the advertiser you can earn 10-50$ for every blog post you make.

Conclusion: If you own good blog, then you can earn even more money online. Trust me, can earn you more in one week, then Adsense in a month. Some advertisers will pay 100-200$ for a quality post, if you have good Page Rank and traffic.


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