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Stay at home parents, especially moms, have a lot on their plates but usually manage to get all their errands done and find enough time for their children at the same time.

The ability to get everything done in the shortest possible timeframes serves as a good life skill and apparently, some modern employers want to hire stay at home moms as their personal assistants.

If you are a stay at home mom, who would like to have a part time job, which gives the benefits of having a flexible schedule, are good with computers and can work remotely over the Internet, then you should take a look at what has to offer.

What is is a team of specialists, who help business owners and entrepreneurs to manage their businesses efficiently and keep the passion for things they are doing. Profitfactory organizes various courses, provides coaching services or helps finding the best workers for certain tasks. - Virtual Assistant Opportunity for Stay at Home Moms

Recently, on their jobs page they have written a very exciting listing, which targets work at home moms. is currently looking for virtual assistants for several of their clients.

If you would like to apply, please visit the original listing here:

The list of requirement is quite short but straight to the point. All applicants need to:

– reside in the USA or in Canada;

– be fluent in English (it has to be your first language);

– be technologically literate and comfortable working with social media;

– have high-speed Internet access, as most of job errands will be handled remotely.

The pay is said to be $10-$15 per hour, depending on the client.

If you somehow were not able to get this virtual assisting job, here are some similar opportunities for you:,, looks like a reputable employer but we were not able to find many reviews of them on the Internet. If you have any experience working  on Profitfactory as a VA agent, please leave us a comment below.

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