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Project Payday – Realistically Make Money Online From Home


I am sure that when you have searched for ways to ‘make money online’ you have come across a site called Project Payday. People have asked me whether this site is legitimate or not. I will go through the pros and cons for using this site.

Should you join Project Payday?

In a word, YES! It is a great way to meet other people and network with people who have common interests. I have been a member with Project Payday and my experience has been good. They are honest in their claim that you will not “get rich” off their program, but you can make money quickly. You can make money within minutes of joining and finishing the training course. You can join and create a Project Payday account very easily by entering your name and email. I won’t go into great detail about their program to ensure that I do not give away their “secrets”.

You can read about Project Payday by going to their site here. The site will cover a lot of concepts of Freebie Trading and referrals. There are a couple of different levels in which you can participate in. Level one is for the newbie, while level two will be for the more experienced.

Room for Improvements:

Level one training is good while when trying to move into level two, could be better. If you can learn to market and refer moving into Level Two is not a problem. Also, Level one income has limits to how much you can make due to site rules and policies. Lastly, Project Payday is only available for US and Canadian Residents.  Feel free to check out Project Payday and find out for yourself.


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