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In the real world I am a calm and easy going person, but when it comes to free ways of making money online, I’m a totally different person, this is the subject I am the most passionate about.

I have tons of friends, who like to talk to me about various work from home techniques. Usually they ask me if this or that website is scam and which is the best way of making money for free. To tell the truth, there is no universal free way of earning money, which could be called “the best”, tastes differ, so do the human skills, so everyone has to pick his own favorite and free work from home technique.

Recently I have been asked a lot about the method of earning money by answering questions and alternative blog monetization methods (personally I have not found a better solution than google adsense so far). Lets stick to the second topic, as far as I have dedicated a lot of time to the process of getting paid to answer questions on the web.

Way to make money with a blog or website?

Making money with a blog or website could be sometimes challenging, especially if you can not use Google Adsense. Such a situation has set up a perfect ground for such sites as, which fight for the status of the best alternative to google adsense pay per click advertising. - way to earn money for free

At first I felt very skeptical about such sites, but still I adore testing new things, so I have spent some time analyzing website. These guys what to change the whole idea of making cash with on-site advertising, they allow advertisers to bid on the ad spots on your site, so whoever is willing to pay the most money gets more ads displayed on your blog pages (sounds interesting, I hope they function well too). offers a painless 3 step procedure, which will hopefully turn your blog into a money-making machine. I don’t really want to say a lot about the rules of this system, because I am only at the stage of submitting my application. I do want to say, I’ve read several articles and user feedback notes about and user thoughts vary from “awesome” to “unbelievably terrible”, so it’s a two-facet situation.

I did work with several google adsense alternatives (one of which is Infolinks), so I do have some experience in this filed already. I promise to use this service myself and write a follow up review. So far, I wish system works as good as the developers describe it (I they seem to be introducing unseen features).

As for now, you can subscribe to my blog, it is free and this way you are sure to receive my follow-up review of and other articles about free ways of earning money at home.


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