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Protect Your Referral Links and Make More Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a hard thing, because you really want to sell your product and make money from your affiliate link, but that is not very easy as you think it is. More and more people understand the purpose of affiliate and referral links, they think that you are trying to fool and make money of them. Thousands of affiliate marketers have been looking for a way to hide or cover up referral links, and I think that the solution has been found. Yesterday, my friend suggested my to try ViralUrl. I’m still on the way to find out how it actually works and how helpful it is, but I will try to give you a honest review according to their website.

This program is totally free, and there seem to be no spam to your in-box from ViralUrl which is just great. They have a lot of reviews and testimonials from the users of their software, which is pretty cool.

Basically, you join their program, cloak your links and promote your new links. The good thing there is, that it is almost impossible for a user to find out that you are actually using referral and affiliate links. When you cloak a link at ViralUrl, you receive a new link, which will redirect users to the actual sales page, which is really good.

Actually, I don’t think I’m going to use this tool, but some people who really think that their users remove affiliate links, may consider ViralUrl while it’s free. But I don’t really like the whole theme of this website and all these annoying pop-ups, but their tool really rocks and I know some people who have been successful with it!

To conclude , ViralUrl is another website that helps you to make even more money from affiliate marketing or just get more referrals to your downline. I do like the concept, but the website seems a bit suspicious for me that’s why I’m not going to use this tool. If you have more experience with this, try to prove that ViralUrl really works.


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