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Make Money Online Taking Simple Surveys – Review

Internet money making is a huge business today due to global financial crisis. More and more people crave to make some fast cash to pay off their loans, and Internet jobs is a great way out. But the crisis has caused a new problem – the amount of Internet scams has doubled (if not tripled) over the last decade.

Web-masters earn more cash by scamming people, that’s way it’s vital to stay up to date and join only trusted websites. One of such websites (trusted ones) is So now more about this make money online opportunity. has been around for a while, and I haven’t found any negative replies about this company so far. At first they were officially launched in the UK in 2002.  After a successful start they launched a global version one their website in 2006 (the one you can see now). During the time of their existence they have gained good survey company reputation and there are thousands of registered members.



But there are still some questions to solve, most of us have read about making money online with surveys and it does sound like a scam, so

How Does Work? Can we earn with It?

According to all positive replies, this website does work, and you won’t become super rich with this website (but you can start earning cash online). All you have to do is simply register with Pure Profile and answer some questions based on different factors, including your personal likes (taken from the profile). Usually you get email notifications about available surveys, where businesses ask you thought about their product or service, not a big deal actually, but you will earn for doing so. Every email has a link to the survey and usually the number of available surveys is limited.

Another question is

How and how Much do I get paid at Pure Profile?

Pureprofile’s  website states that you will receive minimum of £1.00 for every survey you complete. You will have to complete all the survey to receive a credit, and they do have tricky questions to make sure that you actually read the questions. It takes no more then 5 minutes to see your money roll in, don’t expect 20 surveys per day, but there are a sufficient amount of these available.

As for the redemption – you have several choices of receiving you cash. You can either:

1. Have PureProfile sending you a cheque. However, you need at least £25.00 to request money by cheque.
2. Money earned on PP can be redeemed for points, which on their turn can be spent on various merchandise at their partner stores.

3. Exchange earned money for CD-WOW voucher. £8.99 and £14.99 vouchers are available for redemption at
4. Be really nice and donate money to the local charity organizations.’s registration Process

Registration with Pureprofile is pretty much easy and straight forward. In order to become a member you must be at least 18 years of age. Registration takes no more then 30 seconds (that’s what their website says ;)). So to to register just click the banner in this post. They don’t require any personal information except your full name, address and email.

Earn money referring friends

If you don’t feel like filling in surveys, you can always spread the word and get paid for it. has a bonus referral program, and you will receive up to 5 pounds per every friend that joins under your personalized link.

Getting referrals has never been easier, you can write about this website in your blog, or send the link to your friends on FaceBook. I bet a lot of them would be highly interested in the offer.

New members are easily attracted to this website, because when being a member of Pureprofile you get credited right away, and no one has to wait for their money. You can say that you

“…do recommend this site for those of you wanting to earn a few extra pounds in your spare time. You don’t have to put in quite a lot of effort to begin earning money, just complete your profile and once that is done you will receive offers from the advertisers…”

I have some experience with this website and I can certainly tell about the pros and cons of this website.

The main advantages are:

Minimum of £1.00 for every survey you take.
One pound is not a limit, you can get up to £4 for every survey.
Money are credited instantly (in several minutes).
There are several options of receiving your money.
Surveys are pre-screened to match your likes.
You never receive spam from them
Surveys are really fast and easy to complete.

… and the disadvantages:

Not that much surveys are available
It’s kind of hard to redeem money for points and vouchers.



So, this survey website is for those, who don’t want to be scammed and would like to start making money online. Even if you don’t have many surveys to complete, or don’t like to – there is always an option to refer your friends.


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