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[Expired] Apply For A Paid Internet Blogger Position At

Just recently I’ve updated my old post “Advantages Of Working As A Freelance Writer” and I guess I promised you to give more links to websites that can possibly offer your writing or blogging jobs.

In case you haven’t read all the posts on this blog, you may check out ways of earning with, because it’s an awesome way to create small informative web pages and earn money with Google Adsense, Amazon and Kontera. So far I think it’s the best option after, which is a free blogging platform which gives you a one of a kind option to earn money from site-wide ads.

Anyways, Intenet weblogging is a huge business nowadays. People now know that they can make money online blogging and writing. So large blog networks don’t want to miss out and will be glad to hire you to blog for them. is what I want to tell you about. is a middle-sized blog network, which is looking for new paid bloggers. If you feel like you have enough knowledge to run a niche blog, QJ is just for you. If there is something you are completely crazy about, and willing to share, why don’t you write a personal web log and get paid for doing so.

You won’t have to pay for a domain name, neither for hosting fees. Running own blog is not always about writing, telling the truth, I spend more time tweaking the design on this website, rather than research and post actual posts.



At you can do just what you like – research, write new posts and spread the word.

Qj is hiring bloggers for all of their blogs, and I guess you can join the blogging team, if the blog is really large. But if you have creative ideas, new blogs can be easily created. When you blog at QJ, you don’t have to worry about the promotion – all blogs will get equal promotion and advertising, so the earning potential is almost equal.

If you think you have what it takes, check out basic requirements of joining

* Basic HTML knowledge
* All bloggers find and research their material themselves
* Blogs are likely to be updated daily
* Comment and forum posting & moderation
* Entertaining and unique writing style
* Expert knowledge in some field of knowledge
* Basic image editing knowledge (Photoshop I guess)

Well, it does sound attractive to me – free promotion and revenue share only for good content, which is not a problem at all. I gave you the idea about making money online with freelance writing, but you are the one to check it out.

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