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Internet is full of incredible job opportunities, as thousands of employers are discovering the advantages of hiring workers virtually and understand that many qualified applicants find it more convenient from home or from their own offices.

Those looking for online earning opportunities have only one problem – finding a reliable employer, who will produce a stable work flow for them and pay good wages for completed work. On this site, we try to help people discover reliable and secure methods to earn money and one of them is offered by

This opportunity is open for US residents only, if you would like to check out similar opps but with no geographical restrictions, please check out “Further reading” section.

What is

As a company producing top class educational material with great success, they are constantly on the look-out for new qualified content producers with a new insight to what they are doing and fresh knowledge to share with an community of Remilon readers.

Get hired by for copywriting work

At the moment they are looking for:

• Educators with any level or specialization;
• Writers, journalists and researchers with considerable experience;
• Experts in a number of fields of study;
• Smart, motivated people willing to produce well-researched, attention grabbing content.

The requirements for applying for an Internet-based job at Remilon are as they follow:

– Hired content writers are to work on a 1099 contract basis and are expected to produce articles on higher education and career topics (at least 15 hours per week);
– A bachelor’s degree or some considerable experience journalism or education;
– Strong command of English language, writing and grammatical structure;
– Basic research skills;
– US residence and eligibility to work on the United States;
– All applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Applying for a job at Remilon

With all requirements for an Internet content writer position in mind, applicants are expected to fill out an application form providing basic information about themselves and two valid samples of their work (no creative pieces only those based on research).

Hired content writers are expected to work at least 15 hours per week or produce at least 5 articles/content pieces per week. The pay rates are distinguished by the amount of time spent working for Remilon. Content writers make at least $8 per hour working online for this company but can expect better pay rates if their work-rate and work quality is above average. According to the reviews of this employer, writers receive their payments twice a month via PayPal.

More information about this offer could be found on “Become a writer for Remilion” page. credibility

This company, with a 10-year market presence, can boast with only positive reviews from the writers. Even the management states that Remilon will not make you rich overnight but this is a stable opportunity for stay at home workers in need for extra money. Owing to job opportunities at Remilon, hundreds of copywriters have a chance to produce quality content and receive good pay rates for their work.

Further reading

Our rating of writing opps holds hundreds of websites, where journalists and copywriters can find Internet-based work or get hired for a part-time position. Our rating is constantly updating, so subscribing to this page is probably a good idea.

From our review you will be able to find out all the advantages of writing for this community. One of the main benefits it has to offer it the international writer registration availability.

Roundup and further thoughts

We are glad to have found such a prominent method to earn money for copywriters, educators and journalists. As a company, Remilon has a lot of experience and we are sure that there is a lot one can learn by working with them. Overall, it is a great change to make money by writing on the web and we wish there are more opportunities like this.

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