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Worldwide media sphere is developing at an unseen before rate – new media genres are becoming more popular and widespread, which causes drawn additional attention to these genres and creates a demand of professionals, capable of producing high quality content.

Owing to the Internet, video media are currently reaching records, which makes content companies hire more workers, who can work not just on creating videos but also doing after production work, such as creating subtitles and captions. This work requires strong language skills and the ability to reproduce spoken words in electronic format as fast as possible because such workers get paid by minute transcribed.

What is

We would like to show you the employer, who hired entry level employers and gives them an opportunity to work on educational videos and receive good pay. is a company, providing services to various content producers – content translation, transcription and video captioning.

We have already reviewed other job listing from Rev, so today we’d only concentrate on the freelance captioning opportunity.

You can go ahead and learn about the job in this listing:

According to their official website, any freelance captioner needs to know this information:

– freelancers earn $0.50-$0.75 for every video minute captured and receive their pay via PayPal (the average monthly pay is 240 dollars and top earners reach up to $1500 per month);

– freelancers can enjoy free schedule and complete as many tasks as they wish, while working flexible hours;

– freedom of choice – every hired member has an opportunity of choosing the projects he/she is interested in working on;

– the registration process doesn’t take a lot of time and this job can be easily received by a person without any experience in the field.

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Rev is a reputed employer, who guarantees a lot of assignments and prompt pay but experienced workers say that the pay could be a bit higher. Please share your thoughts about transcribing for Rev.

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