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Content editing has turned into a big business online. This work can be done remotely, so workers can work from the comfort of their own homes, save time on their commute and possibly get more work done.

Today I would like to say a few words about a company, which is currently hiring proofreaders and writers, who are interested in editing opps. The company is called and on their careers page you can apply for their in-house positions or telecommuting leads.

Chapter 1. Requirements for job applicants

I would like to dwell upon the requirements for telecommuters, as in case with in-house positions, this opportunity is limited only to Chatham, Ontario.

Workers at Scribendi are expected to have a moderate computer and data entry knowledge in order to be able to complete such job related requests as: uploading/downloading documents, editing word files, using instant messaging services or troubleshooting work-related issues.

Chapter 2. – Open Editing and Proofreading Job Opportunity Online

All applicants need at least three years of data entry or editing experience (or language teaching), a university degree in the field they are interested in working in, appropriate software to edit selected files and an account with PayPal.

As for job availability, this lead is limited to residents of countries, where English is the first language. Also, your country should be supported by PayPal.


To find out the full list of requirements and submit your application, please visit this page

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