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Sell Your Do-Follow And No-Follow Backlinks Automatically With LinkXL

Recently I have already told you how hard it is to monetize your PageRank. To make the most of your PRed (site with Google PageRank) website, you are up to pick one of these ways : one of them is hard. Using this way, you will have to promote your /advertise page and beg webmaster to buy links from you (we don’t need that for sure 🙂 ). You want the easiest way of selling your backlinks and it is called : LinkXL!

Before you visit that site, I want to tell more about it 🙂 So, LinkXL gives you a great opportunity to sell and purchase text link advertising within existing content using a fully automated system (this means that you are getting your purchase right away and you can track your link installation right away). As soon as you register, LinkXL will supply you with their plug-in which is compatible with all types of Apache hosted websites (so you don’t have to add your links manually all the time). This website bases on a new revolutuon of text link advertising. According you their website “The days of footer and sidebar text links are coming to an end, text links in content is the next natural step in the evolution of text link advertising.” That means that LinkXL is creating a revolution in link sales, so it is very easy to join and support the revolution!

The main advantage of LinkXL – that they will sell your links automatically. Their revolutionary service helps you to monetize your websites or blogs with the most effective form of advertising available – text links in content. So your aim is to fill in the registration form, install the widget and watch your PayPal balance grow! That is super easy.

Also LinkXL offers you an extra way of earning money with your site. If you do like to promote programs, apply for a LinkXL affiliate program and earn in 3 simple steps :

  1. Refer a new member to LinkXL (some terms apply including : 90 day probation period)
  2. Get 25$ per every active referral (if your referral buys or sells a link, you will automatically receive 25$ into your PayPal account)
  3. Claim your money (claim your PayPal money by the 12th day of each month!)

As you see making money with LinkXL is fun and easy, you just have to do give it a try (that what I’m currently doing). Good luck and I’m waiting for your feedback impatiently !


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